United for 10 days

My family rarely has much time to be united together, ever since Erwin and I started going overseas for education. And this year is the extreme one, I think. For the whole year, we are only united for 10 days!! Yup... I arrived on 06 September 2006 and Erwin is flying back to Brighton to start his second year of university on 16 September 2006.
Can you imagine that? I never know when is the next time I will see him, as we have separate ways *could it be on my wedding day?! Hihihihi...* So for the moment (and especially for this holiday), I'd like to spend as much time as possible with my family... Right now, there are some problems arising, so I want to give support to my parents and to help as much as I could.

In the middle of that, I am also busy looking and applying for jobs; mostly are jobs in United Kingdom and Singapore. So, please... please... pray for me so that The Lord will open the door that He wants me to enter and that I will become wise in choosing which job to apply.
However, Lan is not forgotten. *Of course!* I miss him so muchhhhhhhhh!! Sometimes we talk and chat through Y!M, and still we have fun. We enjoy talking and spending time, although it is only just a 'conversation'. We still know how to annoy each other, hahahaha...
He is flying home to Beijing tomorrow, so I am sure he is very excited and happy to be able to see his parents again after a year. But he said that he will be coming soon to Denpasar, because he cannot wait to see me, hihihi... *blush*

Another topic! On Friday, 15 September 2006, is Han-Han's 10th birthday! There won't be huge celebration, just giving thanks and a blackforest cake. Yum! Hihihi...

I think that's all for now. I am sooooo sleepy...
See you in the next post! God bless!


  1. kalo keterima di spore, si doi gimana donk ? atau kalian ngelamar barengan ya ? hehe

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  3. Wah wah, cuma 10 hari doank?? Susahnya ya kalo sekolahnya di luar negri...

  4. cieee tetep in de hoy lewat YM:p

    *masih dag dig dug nunggu penempatan di seluruh wilayah NKRI*

  5. ck ck ck
    gitu ngga enaknya punya keluarga yang kerja/skul di negara laen ya...jarang ketemu :(

    all the best buat pencarian kerjanya ya...semoga dapetin apa yang elo mao

    salam ah buat lan *ngacir* :P

  6. Pssssttt... weddingnya nanti mo di mana nih? ;)

  7. Hehehehe... asiknya.. yang dari beijing mo menjemput sang peneduh hati. hihihihi...

    iya juga.. nanti weddingnya di prancis aja.. :D (gak nyambung ya :p)

  8. uda rencana mau punya baby brp? wakaka

  9. sher?
    emang undangannya kapan nih?
    marriednya jadi dimana? he..he..jangan lupa kabar2rin ya!!!
    mudah-mudahan kamunya cepet dapat kerja...nabung yang banyak buat 'married' kekekke

  10. waw... keren.. ayo kerja yang bener ya.. dimanapun km nanti, kerja seperti kerja untuk Tuhan.

  11. waaah, ayo ayo apply kerjaan..
    smoga dapet yg bisa deketan sama lan ya sher..

    cieee, yg blushing krn ada yg mo ke denpasar.. piwiiiit..

  12. sherly..py kabare ?wakss married ?

  13. smoga keterima ya
    aku mendoakanmu kmrn dan papamu juga
    aku percaya pertolongan tuhan ga pernah telat


  14. Sherlyyy, aku jadi berasumsi2 sendiri baca postingan ini... Pertama, you're getting married sooner than I thought (could it be in less than a year???). Which, in fact... makes me more excited!!! Kedua, setelah married... kamu dan Lan akan berencana untuk menetap di UK atau Singapore?

    Sokteudotcom dehhhh gueee hehe. Bener ga sih Sher???

  15. O iyaaa Han-Han itu siapa? Happy birthday ya buat Han-Han! Ulang tahunnya sehari setelah ulang taon adekku hehehe.

  16. sher, undangannya kapan nihh?

  17. sedih memang kalo ketemuan cuma 10 hari. btw, happy birthday untuk adiknya kak sherly, Hanhan... GBu bro.

    iya kak, aku dukung dalam doa supaya lamaran kerjanya diterima. sukses yo... LJBU!

  18. seneng ya bisa ngumpul semua ... puas2in dehh .. :)

  19. Smg kamu diterima di tempat kerja yg paling sesuai dengan hatimu :)

    Tentu kangen doi luar biasa yaaa, syukurlah bisa chatting dan calling, meskipun cuma suara dan kata2..lumayan sebagai pelepas rindu :)


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