Monday, September 04, 2006

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Lemparan sasando dari big sist...

Lama ga kena timpuk, eh kali ini ketimpuk juga sama big sist Tuteh. Ya wis... here we go:

  • Color: pastel colors especially pastel blue.
  • Food: My mum's cooking 'Ayam bumbu rujak', but any food will be fine, except the hot spicy one.
  • Song: Um... there are lots of songs I like :D
  • Movie: Ever after
  • Sport: Swimming. it's the only one I enjoy :p
  • Day of the week: Any day is fine, for God made them all great!
  • Ice cream: Haagen Dazs ice cream; chocolate chips, rum and raisin and strawberry cheesecake.

  • Mood: mixture of happy and sad; happy of our engagement, sad of the little time left before I fly home.
  • Taste: Ummm... nothing, I just drank plain water haha...
  • Clothes: White t-shirt and green trousers.
  • Desktop: 'peace, love and understanding' wallpaper.
  • Toe nail color: natural
  • Time: 5.57 PM
  • Annoyance: hunger *almost dinner time*
  • Thoughts: 'cook first? Or shower first?'

  • Best friend: Yulia (From Junior High, until now)
  • Crush: Michael Phillip, the boy who had the locker above me in Year 12, when I was in Aussie. *a secret admirer*
  • Movie: Ghost, nonton di bioskop bareng ortu pas masih kecil. huhuhu...
  • Lie: Ummmm... ga inget.
  • Music: pok ami-ami?! :p

  • Cigarette: never had the first nor had the last.
  • Drink: water
  • Car ride: taxi (from the Liverpool Royal Hospital to Lan's place when I broke my toe)
  • Crush: Lan *blush*
  • Phone call: Lan, just one minute ago :p
  • CD played: umm... CDnya linux kayaknya heuheuheu...

Have you ever...
  • dated one of your best friends: Ummm... yep, in junior high, I considered that boy as a bro, in fact, but he liked me. We were together for 3 months and that was it, I could not handle it.
  • broken the law: nope.
  • been arrested: nope and hopefully never in the future.
  • skinny dipped: nope.
  • kissed someone you don't know: nope.

Next 5 people: dd Rwitz, Flona, Ester, Ele, Sisca.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all my friends, for congratulating me on my engagement and for every great wishes and prayers. God bless you!
Just over an hour ago I said my goodbye to Lan...
It was the last time I saw him for this month. He promised I will see him next month, and I promised I will be waiting. We both saw sadness in each other's eyes, but we decided to make it a happy 'goodbye'... we smiled and said what we wanted to say from our hearts.

I will miss you a lot, Lan...; your kisses, hugs and time we spent together...
I will wait as I promised.


  1. Wah, PR ini kayanya lg nge-trend yah?? :)

  2. waks, kena timpuk dah gue
    ya da de... ntar dikerjain yaaaa...

  3. wah akuh juga disambit beginian kemarenan... belum dikerjain hehe

  4. Kalau kata orang mah,

    fisik boleh terpisah tapi hati tetap menyatu ^_^

    Semangat Sher!! Waktu gak usah diitung-itung tar malah tambah terasa lama, diisi aja sama macem2 kegiatan sambil ngisi pundi2 buat persiapan rumah tangga ...cuit...cuiitt...:D

  5. selalu dekat di hati ya sayyy!! *hugz*

  6. More than words can say!!!
    Well Nie, tetap semangat ya.
    Dalam jarak ada pelajaran dan juga penghargaan akan saat2 bersama. Dalam jarak juga ada ujian tentang kekuatan, kejujuran, ketulusan dan kedewasaan, bukan hanya tentang "kita", tapi juga tentang "aku".

    Udah ya, nenek mo nyari makan dulu, laper... :D

  7. Wah, virusnya dah sampe ke Inggris ya Shei.. hieheiheie.. dimana2 postingan ginian, hihi..

    Pa kabar sist?

  8. ga usah mandi Nie,langsung aja makan :)) ..pengiritan,lagian kan dingin malam2 mandi :P (aww iseng bgt aq saat ini,kali lg pms versi iseng)

  9. conrat ya sher, jadi mupenk ney :p

  10. Ghost! Ya mpun tuh pilem hehehe. Jadi inget dulu mau nonton itu gak boleh masuk ama penjaganya gara2 katanya aku masi anak2 sedangkan tuh pilem buat 17 taon ke atas. Ha... ha...

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