Thank you, sweetie!

Dearest my beloved husband, my huntun, my hunny bunnie,

Thank you so so much for such a lovely and sweet surprise!
I am so dazzled and touched by your tender LOVE...
The red roses are so beautiful. As beautiful as your LOVE!

I am so grateful to be loved by you!
I thank The Lord each day for the wonderful you!
No one but you completes me.

I LOVE you, hun!
You are the best decision I ever made and will always be!

I am so happy that each second passes to bring me back to you.
As for the time being, The Lord be The Protector of our LOVE.

Let's celebrate our LOVE!

Your xiao chun jun, your wify, your hunny bunnie.
Bali, 13 February 2009 @ 22.34


  1. Happy Valentine Nie !
    hm hmmm you hunnie bunnie kalo baca , berkaca2 juga deh , he222

  2. aiiihhh so sweettt...jadi terharuuu :)
    happy valentine's day juga yak :)

  3. wow.. romantic skali jadi terharu hehe...
    happy valentine day yach...

  4. aduh terharu nih bacanya... met valentine ya for both of you...:dian ibung

  5. Aih...aih....yang lagi pada ber bunga-bunga...;)

  6. manis banget kata2nya...seandainya aku misuamu uda kuhujani dirimu dengan ungkapan cinta. btw kalian berdua romantis juga yah. ngomong2 dapet apa dari Lan di Valentine's Day kemaren

  7. Heheheh romantis banget sih, lagi di Balik ya Sher?

  8. ternyata si hunny bunnynya romantios euy hehehhe

  9. Sherly ternyata romantis ya! :)

  10. Sherly...
    wah lama ria gag mampir :)
    valentine buar sherly looks so perfect yaa :D syeneng deh bacanya ...


  11. uhuk..uhuk..romantis banget seeeh...

    moga bahagia selalu ya...hiks..mpe ngelap airmata...
    cinta memang indah...

  12. hiks..romantis banget..
    kayak film winter sonata...

    moga bahagia selalu sist...


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