Taking care of two boys!

Yesterday, my brother arrived for the first time in Liverpool. So, at the moment, our home is very crowded. Well, it is meant to be a bedsit, so adding another person in the flat makes it feels so full haha!
We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant for dinner last night and Lan gave him an 'early' graduation gift, which took quite an effort to find it. It is a very nice pen with his very own name engraved on it! We really hope he likes it.
At the moment, we are in the University, Erwin brought his own laptop and is using the University's Internet right now hehehe... How boring, eh? To come to Liverpool just to spend time in his sister's office hahaha... Well, tomorrow, I am going to take him around.
I guess this is the start of the busy time. This week is my brother's visit, next week catching up with work, the following week a couple of friends is coming from Singapore and then on 2nd August, we are flying to Hamburg for summer school. I hope I can cope!

Well, for you all, God bless you!


  1. wow you surely are busy!! 2nd august u'll be flying to Hamburg, germany, for summer school? wow..cool!! mau ambil sekolah apa lagi? berapa lama di hamburg? all the best yaaa...

  2. padet acaranya....
    sukses buat sekulnya di Hamburg!

  3. wah, sounds busy but fun, hehehe... ;)

    Btw, di Liverpool bagus nggak tempatnya?? :)

  4. it's always been nice to learn your updates, dear. :D

    Wishing you a faboulous summer, just been to Dubai for a short break after spending few weeks in Bali and Jakarta.

    Play and vacation is good for the soul, I am sure you'd agree on that.

  5. wuaaah salam deh buat bro-nya :) bakal banyak cerita seru donk yaak :)

  6. mo skolah lagi yak? wah, salut banget deh sama kalian... semoga sukses yah. jangan lupa bagi2 ceritanya yah... biar serasa ikutan sekolah di hamburg juga. hahaha...

  7. Keren bgt sih kedengarannya..tinggalnya di Liverpool :) Kotanya gimana tuh Sher?

    Summerschool...kursus gitu ya?

  8. enjoyyy. sibuk banget sherly. titip salam buat bebek & misua :P

  9. Waa...ke Jerman! :-D

    Sibuk, tapi jangan lupa jaga kesehatan, ya... ;-)

  10. waaa.. sis.. bakalan sibuk jalan-jalan nihh.. kewlzz... :D at least tuh refreshing disela2 kesibukan.. btw tuh site aku dah dibenerin.. waktu itu kayaknya ada problem sama servernya deh.. aneh.. gak ngerti juga kenapa

  11. hihihihii..lap top emang gak ada matinya..hidup internetttt LoL

    Sukses ya Sher, salut dah gw sm lu! GBU!!!!

  12. wow..bakalan sibuk beneran neh. tapi kayaknya sibuknya sibuk asyik


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