You know that... (2)

You are not ought to travel alone any more if everyone you meet always asks "Where is your husband?"

Yeah... that's exactly what happened to me when I was home for 3 weeks. Everyone that I know, when they meet me, the first question they asked was "Where is Lan?". It made me feel somewhat unwanted, hahaha..., and somewhat it's like marrying a superstar!
Somehow, Lan has become a celebrity among my acquaintances.

I even said to Lan, I will never ever go around alone any more unless it is absolutely necessary! It just seems that we just have to be together ALWAYS. And I like that :) I won't deny that being at home alone, it was just not complete. It was not as perfect as having him together with me there... It was different.

Ah... my dear hubbie. I truly have a love and hate relationship with you, but, all in all, I love you more than I hate you. And I am forever grateful that The Lord picked you among so many men to be my husband, to make me whole.


  1. ca illeh ... pasti si hubby kembang kempis de hidungnya .
    semoga cinta kalian abadi selamanya .

  2. Terharu...! Hiks!

    Suami istri itu memang udah paket ya. Kalau ada kesempatan mudik, atau sesuatu yang seharusnya berduaan, tapi yang datang cuma seorang, pasti deh ditanyain.

    Ada kasus lain, yang mirip tapi nggak sama: Kalau aku lagi kumpul sama teman-teman Filipin, terus tahu-tahunya dijemput Micha, mereka pada kaget, "Lho, suamimu kok udah pulang jam segini?!" Hihihi...
    Nasib punya suami yang harus tinggal lama di kantor. Jadi begitu menampakkan hidungnya di jam 6 sore itu udah fenomenal. =))

  3. That's so sweet Sher... hope you won't travel alone again in the future yah =)

  4. pasti si Lan hatchi2 di sana waktu ditanyain terus hahaha :)

  5. wahahaha, kehidupan after-marriage yah :D


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