Could Spring really come early this year?

Seems like the days are much longer lately, I still can see some daylights around 4-5 pm. That's a good sign! Maybe Spring really decided to come early, because I've seen some beautiful sunshiny day today :)

I can't wait for Winter to be over. Yep, I have enough Winter for now... give me warmth and no-bulky-jacket any time, I'll gladly take it!

Lan's viva is 3 days away... He's nervous, very... Chocolate and snacks are on their way to soothe him hehehe... I am pretty sure he'll do a great job on it! :)
I am on the mend... still exhausted and out of focus at times, but I am making effort to go to office this week, doing my study. Hopefully soon I can feel better enough to resume my driving lesson. I want to get it over and done with!

These two days there is an exciting topic in Lan's and my conversations! Vacations! We're hoping to go to Paris, Disneyland and Wengen (Switzerland) after Lan's graduation (and hopefully my thesis submission!). I hope this time it works out right... It'd be nice to have a vacation to Europe before we move to Beijing, where he'll be working and won't be as flexible as he is right now to have a holiday.

Oh well, who's not excited about vacations, anyway, right?


  1. vacations are always nice and exciting!! Enjoy it!! Paris and Switzerland sound nice! :D

  2. puas2in sher ke mana2 sebelum ke beijing, kelilingin aja semua negaranya :D

  3. wahh serunya yg menanti vacation semoga semua lancar berjalan sesusai rencana .

  4. Semoga! Semoga! Kami juga udah muak sama musim dingin. Apalagi acara makein baju buat anak-anak, berlapis-lapis dan mereka nggak suka, jadi deh rewel. :-p

    Kalau ke Swiss, mampir dong ke Jerman, Sher... ;))


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