6 months and more...

Unbelievably, it has been 6 months and several days since the day we signed our life-time contract. How do we both feel? It still feels like a dream! A dream comes true...

Yes, we have fights; big and small ones... but, it is our first time (and our last time) of marriage. We learn from our mistakes; we humble ourselves when we realize them, compromise and forgive. There are times I wonder why Lan cannot understand me, my feelings, my way of thinking, but as many as those times The Lord speaks to my mind, "Lan is not a god. He is not a magician. He is a man, whom cannot know things if you don't tell him." This is where I learn to be open to him. I have to improve myself in opening myself to him; to share with him my feelings, my thoughts and not just playing mysterious.

I was sure on the day I said "I do." to him, in front of our Jesus and everyone we love, that I will never regret what I said. And today, my gratefulness grows abundantly, it was the best decision I have ever made, he is the best man in my heart always, the one Jesus specially prepared for me. Moreover, I am glad we still have a long journey ahead of us to walk together hand-in-hand.

I love you, honey, and I look forward to spend my everyday with you.
I love you, Jesus, and I am forever grateful for such a wonderful husband You give me.


  1. haha, it's great to learn marriage life from you, sis...

    iya nih, sejak kerja jadi jarang update. full time worker... halah, sok esmud diriku ini kak.

    JBU :)

  2. gak kerasa ya...

    sama kayak aku. gak kerasa, tiba2x tuir aja hahhaha dooohh

  3. hehheheheh.... semoga lancar terus sher... gak berantem2... :P

  4. seneng deh liat penganten baru yg akur2 aja. yg penting komunikasi & saling pengertiannya :)

  5. happy 6months anniversary. ^^

  6. wadow...
    baca pengalamannya sherly sepertinya menikah itu indah-indah semuanya yah :D

    somehow.. i feel like not ready yet :(


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