A Revelation on A Sunday Afternoon

And the seed that You sowed grow...
Into a little plant,
Rooting on the best soil,
With its tiny green leaves.

Thank you, Lord, for nurturing him.
Thank you, for letting me witness the work of Your hands in my husband's life.
It is a joy to hear his desire is to serve and that his passion is for Your Kingdom.


  1. iya nih...ada apa yak? cerita lebih lanjut yak hehehe :)

  2. Apapun itu , ikutan happy utkmu say ..

  3. Amin2... :-) ditunggu cerita lengkapnya ya Sher hehe

  4. Lah, baru ada apa nih?? Yang jelas sih seneng dengernya (bacanya) nih, hehe, selamat yaaa


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