Been awhile...

Since the last post. It does not help either that the Internet at home died. *sigh* It's bank holiday today, and yet I am in the office, just because... of the INTERNET!
I have to say I have a love-and-hate relationship with Internet. I want to NOT be a dependant of Internet, but I guess I can't. Yep, I need more than a daily-dose of checking emails and forums that I am registered in.

So here is hoping that Internet will return soon!

These several weeks after I returned, I have ups and downs... I was badly sick when I just arrived. Got well for a week and then my blood pressure got real low and acting up on me :( But, I've been going to office, doing work, and resuming my driving lessons!

I'll be having my theory 'driving' test on 14th September and will be studying again and again until then so I can pass. I need a LOT of work on my clutch control practically! I stall the car so many times that I get so upset with myself :( Other than that I am pretty good, the instructor said. *GAH!* Maybe I should just do automatic car, why did I put myself in so much troubles?! LOL! On top of that, I HATE UK's ROUNDABOUTS! Why are there sooooooooo many roundabouts here?!

Weather-wise, it's getting cooler here. The sun are still happily hanging out more often these days, but we do get awful rain and gloomy days. The leaves are turning golden and dropping off from the branches. Autumn is on the way. Really hope winter is not too nasty this year. 8 years and I still don't quite manage the winter here.

I miss my family already. I have to say, I really enjoyed the time I had holiday with JUST my parents in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for a week. I had fun. I really appreciate how they show their trust on me; reading maps, getting lost, hopping on and off MRTs, walking all day long until our feet were numb. Those moments I cherish forever! We even did some culinary adventure, we tried here and there, picked snacks here and there, until we were so full and can't eat any more. LOL! Love those times. Those rare times pay off the time I missed their love when I left home so early.

Then, 2 weeks at home. Yes, just at home. I didn't go to Surabaya (my birth town) or anywhere. Just home. Spent time in the routine of my family. Taking/picking my little brother and sister from school, talking to them, going out and have good food, good laugh. It was a bliss! Exactly the relaxation I needed.
It actually startled me how my little brother and sister grow so fast. Han-han is 13 years old and, yet, he is way taller than me and has feet of size 45 (and many admirers!) Ah... Soon we all are grown up. Time flies, really...

It was nice, but could be more complete... by having my hubbie there with me. It would be just perfect. :)


  1. iya summer kali ini kayaknya pendek ya... gak kayak taun2 lalu...

    moga2 ntar ujian buat dl nya lulus ya sher...

    liburan ama keluarga itu emang selalu menyenangkan... :)

  2. Akhirnya update juga... miss u Sher =) udah mo autumn lagi di sana yah, means di sini dah mo spring.

    semoga lulus ya dl-nya... koq ujian theory lagi Sher?

    aku jg ga bisa hidup tanpa internet :( tp masi bisa hidup tanpa FB, akhir2 ini bosen masuk fb huehe...

  3. hehehehe aku juga sering nyasar loh...kadang temen ngandalin aku karena dipikirnya aku lebih bisa dari mereka..tapi sering juga nyasar hehehe :)

    aku juga ga bisa tuh hidup tanpa internet...ugghh rasanya kayak mo kiamat hahaha :)

  4. Jaga kesehatan ya, Sher. Semoga bisa konsen menyelesaikan tugas, kerjaan, dan ujian nyetirnya.

    Kalau lagi down, ingat-ingat lagi usaha ortu untuk membuatmu senang, seperti saat liburan kemarin itu.



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