Time flies...

And ten days left! *sob*
And half of my suitcase is full of food already! All for Lan and my brother!
I am super happy to be at home, just chilling and spending time with my family. It shows me how much I miss my home and how important my family is to me. Don't take it wrongly, I miss Lan terribly!

But I am sure he is happy for me, too. I am taking the time to unwind from this extreme fatigue.

My love goes to my beloved; husband and family. They are dearest to me.


  1. Huhuhu aku juga ntar bakal kepikiran suami juga nih pergi sendirian..

  2. memang kalo liburan waktu berjalan cepat ya :)

  3. ga pa2 , Lan setia menunggu hua22
    laen kali pergi bareng deh !

  4. hehehehehe nie ama lan selalu romantis yak..so sweeeeeeet hehehe :)

  5. kalo liburan emang selalu rasanya cepet berlalu ya nie...

    nikmati sisa2 liburan lu with your family.. :)

  6. emang kalo liburan bener2 ga berasa sher , but enjoy it while it last , next time bareng lan :)

    ditunggu yah poto2nya

  7. Romantis banget nih..
    Sekarang kan tanggal 6, berarti tinggal 7 hari lagi kan? Ayo semangat..

  8. Liburan memang selalu cepat berlalu.... . Kenapa ya? hahaha


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