Thank you, Mom...

No matter how strong the raging wind is...
Your tender voice is always able to calm it down.
No matter how hectic my inside mind is...
You are always ready to pour out peace.
And no matter how much tears I drop...
You always suceed to bring smiles and laughter to me.

Thank you, Mom...
For being who you are to me.
For giving me a shoulder to rest and a peace to my mind.
For unloading the stress and burdens in me.

No one does it better.

Ps. Sorry banget blum sempet blogwalking sama sekali. Aku lagi stress berat; banyak pikiran dan nervous banget ngadepin ujian. Mungkin nanti sesudah kelar ujian baru deh sempet keliling. For now, God bless you all!


  1. of course honey...
    jangan sedih-sedih, jangan stres-stres. jia you! blajar yg bener yeee....SMANGAT!

  2. santai aja.. take ur time dan fokus... *look who's talking* hahahaa

    btw ada YM?

  3. kalau pas mampir sini, pasti lagi pusing nyiapin ujian.

    tp gak pernah bosen deh utk selalu kasih semangat, Jia Yo

  4. met belajar yah Nie...all the best buat ujiane...

  5. Jgn sentress dunk ah :) Pasti ntar kalo liat hasil test2xnya senyum lagi lo..;)

    Maju pantang mundur yo Sher :p

  6. semangat ya sher!! matahari udah bersinar lho di luar. semangat!!



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