Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am now engaged!

Tuesday, 29th August 2006 has became a special day for both Lan and I. Why? Well... let me tell you the story.
Around five in the afternoon, Lan rang me telling me not to cook, because he will treat me for dinner. So I just waited with no thought of what will happen afterward.
In the middle of me watching Marrying a Mafia, my phone rang again. It was Lan, saying that he is outside the entrance door of the hall I live. It was about six o'clock. I quickly paused the movie, grabbed my keys and ran to open the door for him.

When I met him at the door, he was formally clothed and holding a bouquet of roses (and a plastic bag). I was surprised... for him to buy me a bouquet of roses in United Kingdom was the first time, I don't ask for it, because I know flowers are quite expensive here. Suspicion came to me for awhile along with the question 'what is he up to this time?!'. But I quickly brushed it off thinking that maybe he was just being nice since we only have several days left to spend with each other before I go home, never knowing that a big and sweet surprise awaited for me.

As soon as we got into my room, he sat me down on my chair and kneeled in front of me. 'Eh?! What is this?!'
Looking seriously, I could not help but sat there and listened to what he had to say. Along with his 'introductory' sentences, he took out a blue little box from his pocket. THE ring... I have seen the ring because he took me when we bought it, where I was SO dumb not realising that he was actually buying it for me.

Holding my right hand, he proposed to me, asking me to marry him...
After the big question, he did not straight away demand my answer. Instead, he told me a very beautiful poem that he made by himself (later on I know that he made so many drafts while writing the poem and tried so hard memorising it by heart and rehearsed so many times for this big surprise).
Along with the poem, came his declaration that he receives Jesus in His heart and becomes the child of God.

I was so happy... that I was left speechless. I really did not know what to say and what to answer. But I made my decision, as my heart told me so and as what I have been saying in my prayers. I answered him with a 'yes'.
Tears of happiness flowed from my eyes... really I did not expect he will give such a sweet surprise and such a memorable moment in my life.
I proudly say this to you all, my dear friends, I am engaged to the man that I believe God has sent to my life. One that He chose for me.
I thank God every time I remember that day; for letting me taste the joy of sharing His salvation to Lan and for the love that He planted and has grown in our hearts.

After the big moment, he really treated me for a nice dinner. It was a sweet celebration indeed... Roasted chicken, a bottle of Australian red wine and a chocolate cake; all he prepared for us.

The effort he put to make this surprise happened was not little... For the roses, he went around town looking for it. He walked quite far to get the chicken, cake and the wine. On top of that, he had to deal with the feeling of nervous, not knowing what my answer would be. I have to say... he is amazing!
The following is the poem that he made for me.
Life without you is like food without taste.
Life without you is like poem without words.
Life without you is like a symphony without sound.
Life without you is like the world without colors.

My love for you will not change until the birds will not fly anymore.
My love for you will not change until the stars will not blink anymore.
My love for you will not change until the sun will not shine anymore.
My love for you will not change until the snow become black.
My love for you will not change until all the ocean become desert.
My love for you will not change until all the mountains become sand.
My love for you will not change until the whole world become ashes.


Ps. Thank you, Lan, for such a perfect surprise. I love you.

Ah... I have a fiancé, now. And I am loving him... and ever so sure that I made the right decision. Thank you, friends, for all your support, when I struggled and mentioned about the difficulties we faced in this relationship. Now, we would like to share our happiness with you all, through this post.
This is like a miracle... yes, God has His own time that no one knows when it is coming. However, I proved it so many times, He has the best plan for us.

God bless you!


  1. aduh aku ampe ga tau mo ngomong apa,terharu dan bahagia untuk kamu,juga kagum untuk Lan..

    semoga Tuhan memberkati Cinta kasih kalian,semoga...xXx ABADI xXx..

    god bless us Nie -kiss and huggies- so happy for you -smile-

  2. Waa, yg udah tunangan nih... :) Selamat yah, ditunggu undangannya loh (sm tiket pesawatnya skalian,wakakaka... :lol: :lol:).

    Semoga Bahagia Selalu.... :)

  3. ciiyeeee... romantisnya... :) Jadi bener cerita tunangan wah.. boleh juga nich ntar ngundang-ngundang ya kalo janur kuningan kikikikiii... :D

  4. wah, selamat ya!! aku ikut senang bacanya... sounds like he's so sweet :D

  5. Congrats ya, sist!
    Makanya off dari Cerfet dulu yaaa hehehehe... aku ikut gembira sist! *mwah*
    thx for part 3 nyah :)

    btw, jangan lupa, aku punya timpukan untukmu :D


  6. Duh aku sampe terharu banget bacanya..
    Aku ikut senang ya Sher untuk pertunangan kalian..
    Duh, sampe nangis bahagia bacanya..
    Gbu always..
    Selalu ada pelangi yang cantik setelah hujan.

  7. Mid sistaahh..!! *hugs* aww, ikut seneng deh mendengar kabar gembira ;) ;)

  8. Waaahh...

    Selamet yaah sist...semoga jalannya lancar sampe ke pelaminan ^_^ dijaga, dipupuk, disiram cintanya biar makin bersemi ;)

    Whuaa Lan kaya di film-film Sher, coo cweettttt ...romantis euy !! Pokoke Congratsss !!!


  9. Aih.. aih..Lan mengikuti tradisi kuna rupanya :)

    Well Nie, satu pertanyaanmu udah Dia jawab.
    Dan yang pasti, jalan masih panjang, tantangan masih banyak. Tetap yakin dalam bimbingannya ya.

    I'm happy for you too!!!

  10. sherly, i'm so happy for you! congratulations. may God gives His answer soon. can't wait to hear the announcement for the big day! again, congratulations!

    sili, fengky, aiz, adel & idan of dallas TX

  11. congratulation utk kamu & lan! lan bener2 serius ya...god bless you, mudah2an perjalanannya lancar sampai ke perkawinan

  12. traktir donggggg... >_< huahaha

  13. Selamat... congrats.....
    semoga kalian rukun-2 aja dan diberkati oleh Tuhan sampai jenjang berikutnya.....

    Kapan pesta rame2nya?

    God bless both of you, amen.

  14. lha rak tenan! selamat Sher ama Lan, moga pertunangan ini akan selalu diberkatiNya. Amen.
    ikut seneng dengan kebahagiaan kalian.
    btw, kalo mau mantenan di Inggris ngundang fotografer dari Londo yach, hehe...

  15. Aduuuhhhh kayak di pelem2 ajaaa .. jadi merinding bacanya .. congratulation ya say .. smoga kalian ttp langgeng sampe married nanti .. GBU !

  16. wah met wiken deh for both of you hehehehe

    btw lu klik aja link ini, coz gue ga tahu cara kirim2nya

  17. Sherliiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! I'm happy for you my dear! I'm so glad to know that now you're engaged to Lan. How he proposed you was so touched. May both of you get a beautiful journey together.

    Once again, Sherly: congratulation! (oh ya, have a nice weekend juga!) :) :) :D

  18. Wowwww
    congrats Sherly
    huhuhuhu rumantizzzz sekaleeee
    *hugs* xoxo

  19. sher..
    i'm happy for u..
    enak ya dilamar..

    smoga lancar sampe merit nanti ya sher..

    maaf ya dah lama ga mampir ksini..
    terakhir mampir masi hiatus for thesis..
    ternyata oh ternyata..

    congrats dear!!!

  20. Gosh Sherly, I'm havin tears on my eyes now, but it's bcus of J O Y ! ! ! Guess what, I actually knew he was gonna propose cus I've read it on his blog before. I really wanna HUG you!!! Congrats sister, I'm very happy for you!!!

    Btw, kok bisa pas banget ama film yang ditonton tentang marrying2 gitu hehehe. Jangan lupa undangannya dan ini nggak pake basa-basi. Kudu wajib harus!!!

  21. dari awal baca udah mulai nebak... dan ternyata bener!!!

    selamat yaaaaaa *hugs*

  22. sher, congrats yaaa ... duh, senengnyaaaa ...! ternyata liburan kali ini bener2 bawa berkah ya sher. selamat ... !! GBU always!

  23. selamat ya sher..
    terharu bacanya, Lan romantis skali.
    Jadi kapan weddingnya sher?hihihih, Tuhan memberkati yaa..

  24. Selamat, kutunggu undangan dan tiketnya *hehehe b-(*


  25. Awwwwww... Sherly, bacanya ikut terharu.. Congrats yaak.. Semoga jalannya lancar, diberkati Tuhan.. Ayo undangannya sampe sini gak Sher? Hehe..

    O iya, mawar di Jerman sama, mahal...

  26. Wahh...


    senangnya sennagnya senangnya.... xD

    di hari ulang tahun nisa ternyata ada yang lebih bahagia lagi... qiqiw.... suit suit.. suits.....!! kukuruyuuuk!! (loh?)

    asik yah...

    tu lan romantis abis deh...
    hahahaa.. dia bener" serius tuh ... :D...... hohohoho...

    xD..... *mimisan*

  27. Hey hey hey.. what do we have here. U r engaged? already?. Slamat ya Sher.. Smoga bahagia selalu.
    Hmm.. a friendship hug?

  28. Kapan rek, giliranku??
    hauhauhau...*nangis antara mupeng dan turut bahagia*

  29. Waaaahhhh slamad ya Sherrr...tapi udah kayak wong Barat beneran ya tapi romantis booo....

  30. hwaaaaaaaaa.......

    aq ampe binun mw komen apa say..

    duhhh i'm happy for u..

    congratz yaa..

    smoga suatu saat aq bs nemu cowo kya Lan *ngarep mode on*

  31. bener2...... selamat once again deh.........

    jadi turut berbahagia nih :)

  32. Slamet ya, jangan lupa beritahu bunda.

  33. congratss say!!

    yayangmu top banged!!!


    so happy for both of you, babe...

    all the best for this new journey of happiness ya!!

  34. Congratulations dear.... May the Love of God would bind both of you till eternity....selamat yah :)

  35. *beypeyukaaannn*
    Ehehehe. Duhhh propose di Bali depan bokap nyokap juga gak kalah romantis-nya sihhh. Minta Lan propose dua kali aja gimana? *gak mao rugi* huehehehe.

    Beneran ya kirim undangannya ;)

  36. waksss, honey, congratulations
    lama ga maen ke sini gue telat berita deh...
    duh, ceritanya udah kayak di pilem2 euy... romantis banget si lan yah?
    sekali lagi congrats yah say... i really happy for you ^_^ (mm... a lil' bit jealous sih sebenernya, wakakaaa...)

  37. nooooooo... Telaaaaattttt Gw Sist...Soyyyiii berattzzzz :)...Tapii Happpyyy abizzz baca postingan yg satu ini... Kembang-nya cakep banget...cincinnya apalagi :)...

    Selamat selamat selamat Sherly & Lan...Tuhan Memberkati kalian dalam masa masa pertunangan sampai nanti memasuki Pernikahan Kudus, Dan juga Selamat Untuk Lan yang telah Menerima Tuhan Yesus sebagai Tuhan dan Juruselamat Pribadi... Tuhan memberkati Kalian berdua senantiasa ;)

    xxx SHIERLY

  38. Aaawwwww... Sherly, selamat yaaa.. i'm so happy for you. When's the big day..? Jangan lupa undangannya ya... :)

  39. waaah nie...congrats yaah sorry taunya telat banget nih...

    you must be on the cloud nine yaaah.....

    you both will make a great couple....

  40. Selamay ya Sher, makin erat terikat eh terkunci sama Lan (kan masing2 pegang kuncinya kan :) ). Sorry baru mampir lagi. Semoga langgeng sama Lan kapan undangannya nih. Semoga bahagia. Salam buat Lan