H1 - Hamburg City Centre

Halo! That is how Hamburger (Hamburg people) say 'hi' to each other. Hehehe...
We are in Hamburg now, very happy and excited! Hamburg is a city of water, they say. The buildings are artisticly beautiful and historical! Here is the story...
05.18 a.m. we got on the first train from Liverpool to Manchester Airport with heavy eyes but full of excitement. I kept asking myself "Could this be true? We are going to Hamburg!". We had a small incident, arriving at the airport... I almost believed that I forgot the keys for the suitcases locks at home, in fact, it was hidden under Lan's wallet in our backpack.

After checking in in Terminal 1, we looked around the terminal, it was our first time to be in T1, where all flights to Europe are located in. Usually we go to T2 for all the other International destinations.
09.10 a.m. we are ready to go, seating at 12A and 12C, it is the smallest plane I have ever been! It looks like a mini jet and the stewardesses' heads almost touch the ceiling of the plane! The passengers were only have full, there were only 13 rows of seats with 4 seats in each row... Well, our Lufthansa flight flied high taking us to Hamburg.

One hour and 15 minutes later, we arrived safely at Hamburg Airport, the bus picked us up when we stepped down the plane, we can even see our luggages were being unloaded from the tail of the plane. By the time we got into the terminal, there were our luggages, ready to go! The immigration was not very long, either! The officer looked a bit scary though and really checked our passports before stamping them and saying "Welcome".

We got on bus (H-bahn) number 110, to get to the University of Hamburg first to sort out our accommodation. We almost got lost, because we had to change from bus to train (U-bahn/underground), and apparently there is a construction work going on... Thank the Lord, someone helped us to get into the right track. Hamburger, although they don't speak perfect English, they are very friendly to us.
After the accommodation is sorted out, we started our journey!

We did not want to waste our 1-day ticket, so we went to city centre and walked around. But, before that, we had our late dinner, kebab at Denniz grill, very very delicious and reasonable price.

First stop, city hall. Beautiful old but clean and tidy building! We were lucky to see some kind of food and wine festival right in front of it. After taking some photos, we walked again. Hamburgers drink and smoke a LOT! We don't really enjoy breathing their smoke :(
Second stop, gay and lesbian parade. Loud music, stalls that sell alcohol, chaos and huge crowd! Some people they dance as if they are in night club! They dressed up too... I asked Lan to leave, because it was so crowded that I started to get dizzy...
After that, we just walked around spotting some famous brand shops; Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Escada and many more... We guessed it was the High class shopping district...

Time went fast, it was already 07.00 pm. Time for dinner! We gave a try at Chai room, an Indian restaurant on a bridge on top of a river where a swan was swimming around. I ordered Chicken Thali, Lan had Tikka Masala. Again, the food were very delicious, rich with spices and tastes plus reasonable price! Ahh... Heaven!

After that, we went back home, had shower and slept! So tired...


  1. Trus kapan mluncur ke sini? ;D

  2. ah, udah nyampe hamburg...

    eh, kopernya emang boleh dikunci ya ? di amrik mah cuma boleh dikunci pake kunci kombinasi. soale utk memudahkna petugas TSA ngebuka and ngecek isi koper.

    itu makanan...tanpa pics aja udha bikin aku ngiler !

  3. wah kedengerannya fun sher, potonya ditungguu..


  4. Jah, tu nyatanya juga jalan2 kan, wkwkwkwkw... LOL

    btw, koq pesawatnya kecil amat sih. Padahal Liverpool - Hamburg lumayan jauh juga kan? hahaha... . Kayake tipe pesawat Embraer yah...

  5. Herzlich willkommen!

    *telat, ya? Hehehe...*

  6. di Hamburg tinggal di mana Sher?

  7. seru banget ceritanya :P

    nunggu foto nya ah :)

  8. Halo! ;p *brasa di hamburg*
    ehhehehe... sistaku ini jalan2 terus euy... oleh2! :p

  9. Halo!

    Sebelum istirahat, ada tag award buatmu, Sher. Liat deh di blogku. ;-)

  10. asik....dian ibg


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