H2 - Crap pizza & free ice cream

University of HamburgSunday, 03 August 2008, we allowed ourselves to sleep in a little longer before we hit the road around lunch time. This time was a journey to the ESSLLI (summer school) site, that is the Universität of Hamburg. Taking train from Borgweg to Hoheluftbrück, we then got on the bus number 5, as instructed in ESSLLI website. Got off at Staatbibliothek, we guessed our direction to the main university building. Voila! We got it right!
We got there about 01.00 pm, hoping that we can register early so that we can continue our adventure. However, I have to put my thumbs up for the Germans, they are really strict and on-time! Hence, Lan suggested we have some lunch first. Not really knowing anywhere, we dragged ourselves to Dammtor train station, which is opposite the university.Dammtor Station This train station (S-bahn) serves journeys between regions and province, whereas, the train we took earlier (U-bahn) is an intracity train. Inside the station, there are some souvenir shops, bakeries, cafe and a McDonald! I have to say that here in Hamburg, we have only seen 2 McDonalds, no KFC, and no Pizza Hut! And yet, we never find it difficult to find places to eat, Hamburg has a lot of restaurants and cafes, which, although little, they all look cozy, unique and so inviting! What's more surprising is that most of them are quite affordable!

We decided to eat at Burgmann cafe, a nice little cafe and cozy seatings. I ordered chicken Schnitzel and Lan had chicken wings, which both came with some delicious salad. €5.70 for those food! Afterward, I had a rumkugel (bola-bola coklat) at a bakery there, huge and I can truly taste the rum! Very nice! 02.00 pm, time to return to the university to register.

Hamburg cruise daysAfter registration, we went back home and had some rest before we then went to Hamburg's harbour, the famous Hafen city, to watch the Hamburg's cruise days, that is 7 big and famous cruise ships parade and some fireworks later on. Those ships are trully giant, when the horns were blew, I can't help myself from covering my ears, so LOUD! The parade finished around 09.30 pm, we were starving then... so we went to grab some dinner before the fireworks, which ought to start at 10.30 pm.
We chose Luigi's Italian restaurant, which seemed to be very crowded and popular, only to get disappointment. Lan ordered pizza Luigi and I ordered Fettucini Carbonara, which we only got it about 45 minutes later!!! And the food was not so tasty! Lan's pizza was very hard, as if it was overcooked, and my Carbonara was nothing more than ordinary. Plus, because of that, we missed the fireworks! *sob*
Well, I guessed... sometimes in travelling, we get to get unpleasant experience to remember too...
A glimpse of Hamburg at night
Still, a thumb up for the restaurant... When I asked for the bill, our server came not with the bill, but with a bowl of ice cream. He said, "This is for you. For the late coming, ya?!" They are quite responsible for their mistake, indeed! The ice cream was delicious. We did not take any photos of our dinner this time, because we were so hungry, angry and disappointed. We even missed taking photo of the ice cream huhu...
Well, after that, we went back home. Tired and sleepy... The wind was chilly...


  1. Hahaha, setidaknya mereka masih profesional yah ngasi es krim gitu, hehehe... :) Ato jangan2 memang gitu ya, dapet free ice cream semua menu karena memang kapan pun pelayanannya lama, hahaha... :)

    Bener tuh, pasti di liburan ada unpleasant experience tp nantinya kalo dikenang bisa jadi lucu2an lho, hehe... ;) Malah kadang bisa jadi lebih senang dan lucu untuk dikenang daripada pleasant experience nya, hehehe... :)

  2. untung ngertiin yak tuh waiter. ngasi es krim. meski kesal, ngerasa gimana juga jdnya.

    tapi kalo sehari 10x lambat, bisa bangkrut tuh restoran wkekkekkek

  3. rayuan dari resto maut juga ya Sher...meleleh tuh ngambeknya secara dapet es krim!


  4. Kesel ya memang kalo mesti nunggu lama gitu. Kita juga pernah, akhirnya kita bayar gak pake tip. Enak aja.

  5. Hwah.. kalo nemu resto yg kayak gituh, ya aku mauw :p tiap hari ke situ juga maw :p biar telat pelayanannya, yang penting eskrimnyah *ngikik*

    met wiken, sist!

  6. Nunggu itu memang menjengkelkan, apalagi kalau nunggu makanan ^_^
    aku sih paling gak tahan lapar, kalau lapar bawaannya uring2an, wahhhhkalau dapat cream mau juga tuhhh ^_^

  7. mending makan di tokyou ya, sher?

  8. setidaknya dia tau kali dah ngasi pelayanan yang ga memuaskan..makanya dia kasi free ice cream.. :)
    besok2 ke sana aja lage sher.. harepin dapet free ice cream lage :)

  9. gpp sher, life is up and down. unpleasant things juga bisa turned out to be a good memorable experience for your next trip..

    jadi gimana hamburgnya?

  10. :-D Nulis semua kosa kata bahasa Jerman bikin lidah (eh, atau tangan) terbelit-belit nggak? Hihihi...

    KFC memang jarang, cuma ada di beberapa kota aja. Pizza Hut masih lebih mudah untuk ditemukan. :-D

  11. Wah disini mah menunggu paling nggal 30 menit untuk memesan, 30 menit untuk makan, dan 30 menit berikutnya untuk meminta bill.. kesmua itu udah bagian dari menu makanan disini.. kacau bukan? :D

  12. Hahahaha...
    Menunggu adalah pekerjaan paling membosan kan yach neng :)

    Tapi,kya na klo mau numpang makan es cream gratis, boleh juga tuh disitu *jadi pengen es cream sher*

    happy sunday dear


  13. dapat es krim gitu pasti dongkolnya pelan2 berkurang ya say ...

  14. aku suka 2 foto dari bawah :)


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