Facing failure...

is never easy. I failed my mock driving test today :(
Yeah... I feel crap and disappointed with myself. I feel like I disappointed my husband for all the financial support he had given me...
I panicked and totally messed up my driving; almost hit a car, too fast, didn't stop on-time... I could go on and on on my mistakes, but yeah, I went home upset.
It's tough to face a failure, but I am blessed to have a gorgeous and supportive hubbie. He comforted me and soothed my mood. Thank you God for him.

So, it just means I have to practice more... fix my mistakes, learn from them and prepare for the big exam! Lord, help me on that!


  1. it's ok lah sher...
    kalo masalah nyetir yang penting mesti sering2 latian aja...

  2. tenang sher,dulu B jg yg pertama gagal...
    ayo latian lg..semangattt


  3. Semangat Sher... hubby-ku wktu itu fail driving test 5x. :-) Failure means it prepares you to do better next time.

  4. ayoo coba lagi Nie , ayoo coba n kamu pasti bisa (pdhl aku juga ga bs bawa mobil ) ha22
    tp kl kamu uda jalanin yah hrs tamat n get driving license yah ! semangat !!

  5. iya sher, try again, dont give up ok :D

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  7. Santai aja tuh, tp memang sih kalo nyetir itu bergantung sm jam terbang. Makin sering nyetir sih makin lancar. Cuma kalo test gitu mungkin ada faktor grogi dan deg2an kali yah, hmmm...

    Good Luck!! Mudah2an lulus di tes yg sebenernya!! :-) Sebenernya tujuan mock test itu kan? Mengondisikan kita sama tes yg sebenernya jadi tar waktu tes yg sebenernya kita uda "kenal" sama suasana tesnya jadi kemungkinan lulus lebih besar :-)


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