Happy birthday to ME!!!

So, I am 26 year old now!!! Hehehe!
I am happy and thankful; firstly to my Lord Jesus for the wonderful life journey with Him. No matter high or low, I know that He is always faithful and be with me!
Secondly, for my beloved hubbie and family (our parents and siblings). They teach me many things and the ones that never fail to support me.
Thirdly, for all my awesome friends, near or far! Thank you so so much for the overflowing birthday wishes from all of you! I feel super happy today! :)

From 25 to 26, I learn a lot about patience. I know that I'm such an impatient person, the last one year has been a huge lesson for me (and for Lan too). The Lord taught me to be calm and patient in everything. Be forgiving too.
I am looking forward to the next one year adventure with The Lord to my 27th. Because I take my life, one step at a time ;)

God bless you all!


  1. Happy BIrtday Nie , wish U all the best . JBU !

  2. happy birthday ya sher...
    hope all your wishes come true... :)

  3. Happy birthday Sher! GBU always... ditunggu cerita2nya b'day-nya terutama secret present dr Lan :P

  4. happy birthday sher!! oh you're so young, envy you :D

  5. Again, Happy Birthday!! :-)

  6. wuah nie ternyata lebih muda dariku...wuaa dah berasa tua neh... happy bday yak nie...wish u all the best. GBU :)

  7. Happy belated birthday dear.
    surely His goodness and mercy will be with you.


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