I think I did say that I hate debugging...

So... the implementation part of my program is done, now I'm in the middle of the bridge and about to cross over to experimenting stage. And this is the most painful part of all... debugging.
When you have hundreds lines of codes and your output gives an exact opposite of the expected answer, you'd go crazy. That's what I am now... crazy! My program is not quite correct. I am super frustrated about that........ Why can't it just be right and give me easy time? LOL!

So, I'm totally not happy about that :( On top of that, I've got a meeting with my supervisor, this is not going to be a good news. *sob* I guess I just have to say what I have to say!

Aside from that... I'm going to have my mock driving test on Saturday. I hope I pass it so that I can just get onto the real exam next month, instead of spending more money for additional driving lessons.

Oh well, at least tomorrow it's Friday. I'm glad.

God bless!


  1. Orang sini bilang, "Kopf hoch und durch!"
    Semoga programnya bisa benar dan bebas dari bug, ya, Sher! Dan semoga lolos driving test-nya!

  2. moga2 lancar ya sher... :)

  3. semoga smua dimudahkan jalannya .

  4. wah, mudah2an lancar dan ga ada masalah tuh!! :)


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