Another piece of puzzles

I welcomed myself to the really of oh-not-so-fairytale marriage right at the beginning, after we tied the knot. However, there are things that until now is still hard to comprehend, compromise or to be handled.
I'd say myself is one of a kind; my characteristic is built through the journey of my life. Hence I have strong personality, strong will and can be quite stubborn sometimes, even to my own beloved husband. Sometimes, things get difficult along the way. We fight, yes... quite several times (and thank God all of them worked out to a better understanding of each other and a better marriage, off course!). For both of us, we stand for our beliefs; often, we try to 'convince' each other that 'my thought is more reasonable than yours'... where discussion turned to be a fight, etc.

These couple of weeks, we started to see how identical we are; stubborn, stone-headed, and only thinking in our own shoes. However, there is still a difference: he thinks with his brain, I feel with my heart. He will try to reason times and times again, where for me, it gets annoying most of the times.
There is also a background factor, where he grew up in a totally different family as I did. There are habits or things that I do, simply because I saw my mother did that and vice versa. Well, I tell you what... it's hard to break it, but still within our capabilities! So, that is one thing we are working on... building a strong foundation for our little family.

One particular afternoon last week, I took myself 'out' of everything, simply by going somewhere on my own to sit, think, unwind and pray. I recall I said to God something more or less like this:
For all the things that happen in my life,
I am thankful to You, Lord.
Because You are faithful.
All others fail me;
Even the husband You chose for me can fail me...
Simply because he is not perfect,
Simply because he is a human like I am...

And, last night, we had this discussion, where he expressed his dislike about me stop talking to him, when I disagree to his point of view. It led to revealing the reasons of why I'd do that, the journey of my life and his life, which, at the end, we ended up knowing each other better.
However, during the sleepless night (I really did not sleep a wink last night until 6 am this morning!), The Lord revealed something to me...
That He is never mistaken in choosing Lan to be my husband, in fact, He chose perfectly. His stubbornness, his characters, his way of thinking, his background and all that is within him... are the VERY reasons why he is my perfect husband.
The Lord is processing me to be a better person through my husband. Praise Jesus for that!

How humbling it is to walk my life with God...
The journey of ups and downs.
One belief I live with is that He is always there WITH me.
It is like having one million pieces of puzzle,
One piece at a time with true and deep understanding where it fits and why...

Today, I just found another piece of my puzzle.
Such a purpose, such a divine revelation.

Thank You, Lord, for the journey we have together!
I love You!


  1. hehe,..yah gitu deh sekolah nyang bernama pernikahan itu,....

  2. uwaaaaaaaaaaa
    aku nangissss loh bacaeeeeeee

    aku ga tau mesti omong apa
    i'm speechless

    aku bersyukur, bahwa kamu masih bisa bersyukur lewat semua ini
    Tuhan baik


  3. namanya juga 2 become 1 sher, pasti banyaklah berantem2 kecilnya hehe. nikmati aja..boleh ngambek, tapi jangan sampe berlarut2. apalagi lu yang sampe gak tidur.
    kalo gua udah bo huat lo sher, dulu waktu baru2 kawin tuh kalo berantem gua ampe nangis trus susah bobok. tapi kalo sekarang? lagi bete juga gua bisa tidur, udah gak kepikiran lagi! haha :D

  4. Luar biasa Sher... This post truly touched my heart. Thank u for sharing... You said, it's a journey God has created for both of u, and through every obstacle, it will shape u into a better person. It's so true...

  5. wah, inspirational nih postingnya, benar2 "masuk", hehe... :) Yah, aku sih ga bsa ngomong apa2 lah, tp thanks for insight-nya, definitely a big lesson for me, hehe

  6. you're in a new journey now. the journey of finding each other is ended, now it's the journey of discovering each other;)


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. marriage life is a good lesson for us, sher.....
    understanding each other is the only key....
    beautiful posting btw.

  9. OMG....inilah yg terjadi kalau aku jarang sekali blogwalking, padahal tiap ngepost selaluuuu disapa. Aku malah belom tahu kamu sudah merit (bodohnya).
    Satu lagi pelajaran buat yg mau kawin.

  10. hiks..dah lama gak maen kesini..
    tiba2 baca yg romantis geneee..

  11. aku ga tau mau bilang apa ya.
    two (heads) shall be as one emang seperti ikutin lomba lari maraton :P.
    I am glad at the end of the day the Lord spoke to your heart.


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