You Are...

You are the LOVE of my life,
You are the HOPE that I cling to,
You mean more than this world to me...

I wouldn't trade you for silver or gold
I wouldn't trade you riches untold...
You are, You are my everything...

- You Are... by Ron Kenoly/Darlene Zschech/Gary Valenciano

It's amazing, when I think of You, Lord... You mean more than anything that I could describe in this life. Thank you for such a wonderful journey of life with You... Without You, I won't be here and I won't have what I have, I won't even have the life I live right now.
You really foreknew me, ever since I was in the womb. You knitted me and shaped me with Your tender and warm hands. Your caress and embrace, I will never forget. And, above all, how You bring meanings to my life that no dictionaries can ever describe.

You are the reasons for the existence of all my beings, my breath, my smiles, my tears and every bit of me.
"I love YOU" is never be enough...


  1. Nie bgs banget ucapan syukur kepada NYA !

  2. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  3. lama tak berkunjung nih. semoga Gua tetep bisa konsen nge-bolg lagi yeee....

  4. Amin Sher... Can't imagine what our lives would be without Him... Meskipun banyak tantangan along the way, tapi Tuhan selalu buka jalan... Hari ini renunganku simple banget Sher, "We don't have to explain miracles, all we have to do is to accept them". A very powerful msg, reminding us that miracles do happen. :-)

  5. Hi Sis, maap ya baru mampir lagi ^ ^' Gimana kabar dirimu dan Lan?

    I think I know this song hehehehe

    Layout baru-nya manis banget, ada poto ciuman-nya pulak :D :D :D Co cwit :D

  6. good morning..

  7. ditangan Tuhan hidup kita selalu indah n tenang...

  8. Bikin diriku mo mewek nih...
    bagus banget Nie.


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