I am coping.

It's only been days, 4 days to be exact, since Lan's gone. I am coping, not too sad, but way so quiet. I am trying to keep myself eating orderly, which is hard, because sometimes I become too lazy to cook when I don't feel the hunger. *sigh*

We keep our communication by a phone call a day. We've got a great offer, GBP10.21 a month for 3000 minutes to call to China. That should be enough for our chatting schedule.

It's been very quiet here in the long weekend. Not much going on. Yesterday, I watched Will & Kate's wedding through live streaming on the BBC website. It was beautiful and elegant. I like that Kate was so simple and yet so elegant. I do question why they are so relaxed like that? I was so nervous on my wedding day... lol.

My French Schengen application has arrived safely to the embassy. Now it's the wait. I really hope it goes through smoothly and successfully (since there is no reasons for it not to!).

Tomorrow I'll be going to church without Lan. *sigh* That's going to be a challenge. Somehow, when I am alone, I'd rather be crawling comfortably at home than going out. Still, I need to take effort, since these days have been so lovely and sunny. What a shame to not enjoy it, right?

Well, I hope all of you have a beautiful and blessed weekend! I promise I'll blog often to myself while Lan's gone. Just so I let what's in my head and heart out. :)


  1. have a good weekend ya sher!

  2. toss sher. gua juga lagi di rumah sendirian, kayanya sepi banget ya.. tapi disabar2in aja ya sher..

  3. Have a blessed weekend juga Sher =) GBU yaaa..

  4. have a great weekend! :) Btw, rencana selain ke France bakal kemana lagi nih? :D Kan Schengen bisa sekalian ke negara2 EU lain tuh :D


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