A step forward.

Today, I've sent my application for the French Schengen visa via post. It should arrive there either Saturday or Tuesday next week *oh my dear Easter long weekend...* Lan and I feel much more relieved and making our Paris plan feel even more real and closer to a reality. I really hope I get this visa. Paris, one of the dream places in this world that I'd love to visit, it's actually in the number ONE position right now. We're coming, Paris, in July. Please let us come.

On another hand, in less than 6 days Lan will be gone.
I can't go, because I still have counselling therapies to go to as well as applying for the French Schengen visa means that I don't have my passport with me. On top of that, Lan goes home for a lot of important things to do; extend his visa, buy some flight tickets, look for an apartment for us to live in September, look out for a job and health check up, etc. I'll be here, resting myself and making peace with myself about withdrawing from my study...

Lately, the weather has been really beautiful. Warm, sunny and comfortable. Sometimes a bit hot and I get sweaty, but really, I love the sun. It's nice to not have to wear bulky and heavy layers of clothes! Too bad I can't wear sunglasses without seeing clearly, otherwise, it'd be perfect; shorts and t-shirt! LOL! My eyes are just too unstable to get a pair of prescribed sunglasses!
Today, we watched Fast Five! Oh my, it's an awesome movie! Love all the actions in it and it seriously *almost* made me fall in love with Vin Diesel! LOL!

Well, I am off to scrap now. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, wherever you are! Jesus bless you all :)


  1. waaaa mau ke paris... asiknyaaaaaaaaa :)

  2. happy easter sher :)
    have fun in paris! :D

  3. Yup, disini cuaca jg lagi enak2nya nih :D Btw, asik bgt tuh mau ke Paris! :D


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