I wanna go here and there...

Lately, I've just realised that all these years my life has been very much restricted. Living as a student is not always a good thing... I have always want to travel around, to see the country I am currently living in, to visit Europe, which is just around the 'neighborhood'. But, I never got to do that. There was always something that stopped from making the step; the money, the time, the VISA, et cetera.

So, we're making a plan ahead... for the few months left here, I hope to get to see Europe for a bit. I am in the process of planning a trip to Netherlands, alone, while Lan is at home in Beijing to do some necessary stuffs. I really hope it does come true. And then the trip to Paris in July, after Lan's graduation.

Heavenly Father, please hear my prayers and let the visa applications go smoothly. Amen.


  1. pasti lancar sher dan traveling ke europe kan seru, gua sendiri pengen kesana someday :D

  2. Wahh asyiknya, didoain semuanya lancar ya Sher. Jadi pengen jg backpacking ke Europe =)

  3. Hi Sherly,
    Came across your blog via via.. Read the last 2 pages so far. How tough it must be for you to miss your man :( Hope all goes well for both of you.
    If you get to Holland: say hi! ;)

    love xoxo from Suzan (Smurfie at ScrapOrchard)


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