Fixing me up.

Prior to the melt-down at the end of February, I am finally officially going to counselling to fix myself up. Today, there were 2 things happening; one, my 6-months suspension is finally approved. Two, I went for my initial counselling appointment today.

Since that horrible week I had in February, I had been talking and crying a lot, but lately, I was fine. I don't cry any more, I do things that I am supposed to do, although, there are times where I am more forgetful than ever as well as times where my mind just wanders around and confuses me.
But today, I got to dig deeper. I got to talk without worrying what my counsellor will say and how she judges me. I found out, I still cried, I am still hurt, scared and confused. I found I have a lot to solve with myself.

If there is one target that I have, it's a target to fix myself. To get me out of this depression and to get me up and running 'normal' again. I don't want to fix it by medication, I don't want to just sweep it under the carpet, I want to let it all out until I have no more of it in me.

I know, God knows His plans for me. With Him, I can do this.

I am looking forward to next week session.


  1. waduh ada apa sher kok sampe depressed segala? gua kirain everything's ok with you... kan udah mau pindahan ke beijing kan...

  2. Waaa, kamu juga kena depersi, Sher? Ayo, kita bareng-bareng sembuh. Tanpa obat. :-D


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