I am a legal driver now! YAY!

So, two days ago, I took my THIRD practical driving test. I was so nervous, whether or not I've done it twice before LOL! My examiner was Michelle, the lady that was the examiner on my first test. She is a very very nice lady. :)
This time, I took the plunge to do the test without my instructor, Sean, going with me. He said that it might lessen the pressure on me. So I thought it worth a try.

The first 20 minutes out of the 40 minutes, I was so nervous. My left leg was shaking so bad while doing the 'reverse to the left' manoeuvre! I decided to ask for some time, I took some deep breaths, prayed in my head and heart and got to calm myself down. Thank God, I finally did it properly. At the end of it, I got 6 minor mistakes and NO serious mistake! And I PASSED!! YAY!!!!

I was so so happy, so giddy and so thankful and so relieved!
I am thankful to The Lord for the calmness and wisdom, for Lan, who continuously and without fail, supported me and prayed with me, and for Sean, my instructor, who was an awesome and fun person! Without Sean, I'd never be able to drive properly! LOL!

Now, I am waiting for my driving license to arrive and praying that God will grant us a car, I can't wait to get on the road! Hehehe...

Life's been good, if not, better, lately. :)


  1. yay!! congrats ya sher!!! :)

  2. congrats!! dari scrapbooknya keliatan banget lu happy sher. semoga nanti waktu nyetir mobi sendiri gak shaking lagi ya kakinya :P

  3. wuaaahh hepi nih... congratz yak sher... nebeng ikut jalan2 yak.. :)

  4. yeyyy akhirnya bisa juga Congrats yah ! jalan2 yah keliling kota

  5. Horreee...Congrats !

  6. congratulations!! Akhirnya!! :D


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