The longest walk home!

Last week, I had a little light-bulb moment of what to do with my time. So I decided that it has been a long overdue for me to go back and do some exercise. I hate sports with all my heart and soul. I am the kind of person who would easily trip herself with her own foot (or even over nothing!). Ever since I was little I am far away from being a sporty person. BUT, there is ONE, one sport that I love: swimming! And I thought, 'why don't I start going to the gym and swim once a week? That wouldn't hurt, right?'.

Well, today, I went. I was glad the pool was not crowded, but I did have some blind moments (yes, I can't see without my glasses that well). Anyway, I have to say I was feeling nervous about it, but I went in. I did 5 laps (not continuously) (on a 33m pool) with a lot of struggles. I was quickly tired and running out of breath. Seriously, I think I need to take a swimming 101 lesson again! But I am glad I did it!

After that, I showered and walked home. I never felt like what I felt while I was walking before. I felt that my body was like a jelly and had no energy left in it. I had to take it easy, could not rush. That was the longest walk home for me, though it was only 10 minutes away, it was tough. On top of that... it only took 10 minutes of that walk to start feeling the sores and aches all over my body. Oh dearie old me...

That really shows that I should have exercised (aka swim) regularly not just from now. I am hoping I can do this weekly from now on. I am pretty sure it won't be as bad as today.

Happy mid week, people! Hope you have a blessed week. :)


  1. renang enak kok sher, bisa ngilangin stress juga kan, apalagi abis itu capek makan kenyang trus bobok deh :)
    hope you have a wonderful week too sher :D

  2. Aku juga 'gak suka sport, tapi yg basah2 alias berenang suka banget!!! Pindah ke sini ampir 3 taun aku 'gak sentuh kolam renang. Pas pertama berbasah2 ria, alamak saban 25 meter aku mesti brenti ngos2an, 'gak mampu aku nyampe target normalku. Tapi kali ke 3 udah aman, 1km non stop lagi.
    Sekarang nambah setidaknya kalo cuaca bagus jalan kaki 5km bareng Owen. Ke pusat desa trus balik lagi ke rumah. Pas pertama kali jalan, halaah.. pulangnya aku benar2 terkapar di sofa!!! :)) Sekarang sih masih ngos2san kalo jalan 5km, tapi jauh lebih stabil.
    So, pelan2 aja, ntar balik sendiri staminanya.


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