Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh my dear throat...

After the church conference in Sheffield, I was so tired and needed a lot of rests. Well, I did, but Sunday night I started feeling unwell and had a sore throat. It got really painful, but I thought I'd recover some day.

Well, yesterday, I had to go to Doctor since I need a medical certificate for my study suspension, so I might as well check my throat. It wasn't just a sore throat. I have ulcers in my throat and infections... Mmmm... Not good.

So I am on Penicillin for a week now, with fever running up and down every now and then. Argh... It hurts and drains my energy. I just feel tired constantly :(

I hope it gets better soon. I want to enjoy eating my food...


  1. sabar sher, kalo udah dikasih antibiotik biasanya cepet sembuh kok :)

  2. Duh, sama msh gejala sore throat.

    Lekas sembuh ya...