Packing, chilling & praying.

Or should I say praying comes first? We are praying and hoping genuinely for a little sweet baby that will come in His right time. We know God knows best.

It has been decided that we are going home for good on 29th July 2011. Thanks to our parents for supporting us and loving us so freely and unconditionally. Yes, I will be moving to Beijing before the end of this year, but before that, we will be going to Bali for a month. I am super blessed to say that Papi has bought our tickets home! *YAY!* We'll be going on Singapore Airlines from Manchester to Denpasar via Singapore.

There is something that I learnt about this, that I want to remember. It was the freedom, knowing that he is my dad and that he loves me, I was not afraid to ask. But, what amazes me is his response... I remember being a child, I always dreaded the times I had to ask something from him, because I always got silence. Like as if he is thinking and never finishes thinking.
He is a changed father, praise The Lord for that! When I asked, he responded right away! I felt like a little child again, literally jumping up and down. I felt loved, because he was expressing his love by responding. And even if he said he couldn't buy us tickets, his instant response will still be a token of love!

OK, back on track now... So, yeah, Lan and I have been packing slowly but surely. Little packages are on the way to Beijing currently. I pray that they all arrive safely and nothing missing at all. We have also been donating the stuffs that are still good and we don't want to bring home. I am so glad there are many charity shops here, that way we won't be just trashing those stuffs.

Lately, since I am on suspension, I feel like a part-time housewife. I still have to do some teaching on Monday and Friday, but other than that, I am just at home - especially after I passed my driving test. I get to cook dinner for Lan without feeling too tired, cleaning our flat during weekday as well as doing laundry. I still get some rough days sometimes, so I am hoping the counselling that starts next week will really help me deal with myself and my feeling. We'll see about that :)

Other than that, I am just really grateful for a warmer week that we've had, sunnier and pleasant. I hope it continues.

Well, have a great and blessed weekend, everyone!


  1. good luck with your moving plan... moga2 semuanya lancar ya sher!

  2. halo sher... lama tidak berkomen2 di sini... tapi sebenernya masih sering mampir sih :)

    Actually same thing happened on me too, I am also still on a suspension, and now I am in Indonesia to teach, and of course to look for what I really want to.

    Good luck with all your plans (including for the baby :p). And wish you will find HIS way for you :).

  3. wah, mau pindahan yah? Good luck ya :-)

  4. Yg pindah ke Beijing kamu sendiri? Lha Lan Di England ?

    Enak banget 1 bulan liburannya...

  5. Wishing you both all God's best in your future plan Sher =) Have fun packing & hope you guys will have time to explore Europe before moving to Beijing for good ^^

  6. semoga smua lancar yah Nie , finally move to Beijing yah ! ditunggu crt nya .

  7. udah tinggal 4 bulan lagi ya sher, semoga nanti betah di beijing.. asal blog lu jangan diganti pake bahasa cina ya, nti gua gak bisa baca haha..

  8. Wah, kaget aku bacanya, Sher. Cepat sekali. Antara senang dan sedih. Senang karena kamu memulai babak baru (dan pulang!). Sedih karena, berkurang deh teman seperjuangan di Eropa, hihihi. Dan paling utama, belum sempat ketemu.

    Tapi aku berharap semuanya berjalan lancar, yang penting kamu dan Lan bahagia.

  9. please stay a little bit longer in SIngapore, will ya?


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