Several days to 2007

Christmas has just passed, but I'm still feeling Christmasy. There is nothing fancy about it, but being with my family is something special and rare to experience. There were years, when I was far away and had to celebrate Christmas all by myself (with Jesus, of course!).

Everybody knows that year 2007 is only several days away from 2006. As for me, I start to think about I've done for the whole years. Maybe I should reflect by looking back to the postings from January 2006 in my blog. I am quite sure I wrote almost everything in the blog, except for very personal matters. What about you all, my friends? Have any special events to celebrate the New Year's Eve? It's a Sunday, so for me, it's the Church service for sure. *grin*
And I know what I want to do for the New Year's Eve... I want to give thanks to my Lord, Jesus Christ, for the whole year 2006, for His blessings, guidance, love and everything. No matter how bad things went and how sad I became at times, it has been a GREAT year with Him. It taught me many things and brought me closer to Him.

And I will live with no regrets, even if I feel sad when I look back, I will still have no regrets. There is no use in regreting, for it doesn't change a thing. And I hope it is the same thought of you all. :)

Okay, that's all for now. It was just some thoughts of mine today. Jesus bless you all!
The past was a lesson.
The present is time of correction.
The future is vision.

And FOREVER, Jesus is our FAITHFUL companion.

- nie, 26 December 2006


  1. Cepet juga yah setahun ini berlalu, tau2 udah di penghujung 2006 dah mau masuk 2007... :)

  2. beautiful post, dear

    let all hope for a wonderful,beautiful and memorable new year in 2007


  3. haloo.. pa kabar sherly?
    iyaa gak terasa udah mau masuk 2007 aja yaa..
    pasti di 2007 ini akan banyak kisah2 baru dari yg bikin dahi kita berkerut atau yg membentuk kurva senyuman.. hehehe ^^

  4. Met Tahun Baru 2007, moga tahun depan makin cemerlang! GBU

  5. Regrets.. I've had a few.. but then again too few to mention...


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