Thank you, Father... Thank you, everyone...

Hurrraaayyyyyy!!!! Exam is over now! Aku bener-bener mesti berterima kasih kepada Bapaku di Surga, Dia sungguh baik, amat baik! :)
Sekalipun aku kehilangan 180 pounds (setelah pergi ke bank, coba tanya juga), tapi aku tetep ngerasa bahwa I have been blessed so much these several days!!!

The last exam that I had today, was surprisingly okay. Everyone in my class was thinking that this particular exam is the one that can be expected to be hard, but... when I actually sat there and looked at the questions, they were all okay and I actually attempted to do all the questions, when I did not have to do that really. It left me a feeling of joy and I am relieved now, so much relieved... It's over! Hopefully, in three weeks time, when I get my results, it will be a good news to my parents after all that they have done for me. :)
After the exam, I went to my friend's house and then we had lunch at Pizza Hut (4 of us). We ate so much, since we were starving and our stomaches were actually growling during the exam (how embarassing... ^^;). We had a really nice time together, so nice that we didn't realise that we have been there for quite a long time. Afterwards, we went to some shops. Well, I went to the card shop because I need a birthday card. It's for someone whom I call 'Daddy'. He is an Indian (strange isn't it? When we walked together, people just couldn't believe that I call him daddy *grins*) and lives in Malaysia. He is very caring and loving, sometimes he phones me just to ask how I am here. Anyhow, he will be 50 years old on 29 May. He asked me to come to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate his birthday, but then... under this circumstance I cannot; it is sad for me, though... since I miss him as well. So, I thought, at least I will send him a birthday card and probably at home I will ring him on his birthday to say happy birthday again. Thank you, Lord, for such a nice daddy there...

More over, I am also being thankful for all friends that I have in my life. For all my friends all over the world; Those who supported me and encouraged me for my exam. I want to say: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all of you..." (Buat Andy, Ida, Ivan, Indie, Yulia, Ito, Dinda, Mirzha, dd Rwitz, semua deh... abisnya buanyak banget sehh :D)
I also would like to say thank you for my friends here in Liverpool (even if you might not read this); for Zu, Michelle and Sarah, thanks so much for being my best friends in this strange place. Especially for Michelle, thank you for letting me stay at your flat on Monday night and picking me up from my place and helping me with my suitcases. You are truly a blessing, girl! I am sure I am going to miss all 3 of you when I have my holiday back at home (especially you, Michelle, it would be so quiet without you... hahahaha... no offense here, madam :p)
Also, for Viona, who is helping me on Sunday to put all the things I left in the storage room. Thank you very much, girl!

Above all, I thank you Lord for blessing me with lovely friends and all that has come through my life. Love you, Lord!

And so... 5 more days to go... Next week, this time, I will be at home together with my parents and my little brother and sister, Han-Han & Grace. It's not perfect yet, though, I will be waiting for Erwin (my brother in Australia) to come home in June, then it would be perfecto! :)

Oh iya, several more things before I forgot!
Andy, gimana kerja full timenya? Sukses kah? Ntar traktir-traktir yah... hihihi... Aku liat dah punya HP baru yah?! Jangan sampe ilang lagi yah, dijaga ati-ati tuh biar ga dimarahin Mami lagi ^^;
Buat Ito, yang sudah berangkat ke FR, take care yah... Aku kaget lho pas dikasih tau, abisnya ngasih taunya beberapa jam sebelum pergi seh... I'm gonna miss you here... :) Have a good time there!

'Til the next posting, God Bless Ya!!!!


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