Saturday, May 15, 2004

When Parents Love So Much...

Earlier, I actually did not know what should I talk about in my today posting. I just finished chatting with my Mami and our conversation has given me something important to say about...
Yesterday, Friday 14th May 2004 was the assigned day to pay the last tuition fee installment. Every year the uni offers the international students 2 ways of paying their tuition fees; by cash (all at once) or installments by direct debit. So... Yesterday, they deducted my account ₤1875.00. Behind that, my parents were the ones who got panic, trying to find poundsterling at home. Mami said US dollar went up and it made Poundsterling hard to find. Papi, especially, was trying his best to find enough amount of it so I can pay my fee. He tried to look in Surabaya, but found none... And so, the last way is used, both my parents wandered along Legian Street in Kuta (there are lots of money changers there) to GATHER as much as they could. Fiuh... I was relieved when I heard that they got the money.
However, one that I just knew from Mami is that afterwards, Papi got a fever, a really bad one. She said it was because he worried about me so much that I might not be able to pay the fee... Yep, I was crying. It is so unlikely of him that I know of. Not that I am saying that he is not a good father, but in the past, I notice he had been so careless and went easy with everything. Just when I came to think about it, what can I do to repay all that my parents have done for me?
This reminds of of the poem that I read yesterday from my friend...

"If you love your parents, and never had a chance to show them... do it.
Maybe you have them there to show them how you feel, that if you don't and they leave today...
Then tomorrow can be too late."

And so I will... :) If studying and doing my best in the exam is the only way, at the moment, to show my appreciation and love towards them, then I will surely take that road.
I have learnt, no matter how bad my parents might look like in my point of view or how they act, beneath everything, lies a true and pure love that they always keep for me, my brothers and sister.

Through this, even if I know that this cannot repay everything you have done in my life, I will still say:
Thank you, Mam... Thank you, Pi... for all you have done for me in my life and for raising me up the way I am. My life has been blessed from the first day I breathed with both of you. You are my precious parents... I thank God always for you. I love you mam, pi... :)

For those who read this, I hope, this will give you also some thoughts about your parents. They might not perfect, since they are also humans like us, but the love that they have for us is more than perfect. Show them, tell them that you love them. And above all else, thank God for your parents and pray for them always.

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