Another reason why...

He is my PERFECT man.
We had a long talk yesterday afternoon about ME. Yep, he noticed that something was terribly wrong with me; no enthusiasm to go to office or do my study.
So, he spent the afternoon at home with me... be my good listener while I spilled my heart out.

You see, I don't do that much often. I rarely talk my heart out. I mostly listen to people that I am not used to talk about my feeling. Yesterday, he was patient and I tried to open myself. Awkward at the start, but it went nicely at the end.

I fell much better, much lighter, much happier.

Now I can continue to do my work.

How The Lord works in wonder to give me him. My perfect match.


  1. Glad that u've gained ur energy back, Sher..

  2. that's what a soulmate is for! hehehe...
    you guys are perfect team! :)

    ayooo semangat ya sher!!!!

  3. jiayou.. have a nice day sher....

  4. happy for you sher, semangat ya :D

  5. Glad to hear this Sher.. tetap semangat yah.. :-)

  6. yah itu salah satu gift yg diberikan kepada mu Nie !
    Happy Valentine & Happy Chinese New Year !

  7. That is too sweet of you and Lan! Take it easy sis, one day at a time!

  8. maju terus, sher! ^__^
    epi ntin day, yeah! ^0^

  9. Aku yg parah nih...doing someting I hate for nothing. Alias register ke kelas yg tdk diperlukan, mau drop gak boleh, mau diterusin nyiksa banget.

  10. So, how's the new year there?
    You celebrate it?

  11. GREAT!!!

    Wish all the best!!

  12. down pasti adalah masa2nya , slama akhirnya kita teteb semangat yah , ganbaro~~

  13. bacanya terharuu.. glad u really found the one.. ur mister right.. God bless your marriage with Lan..


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