Life as it is...

Wow! The second month of 2010 is here already! January was a flash for me, because of all the madness and the suspense of writing a paper. I am kinda glad that it's over now... However, February comes with its own agenda, I believe. I am getting nervous... My supervisors have just asked me, in last week's meeting, to start my thesis' Table of Contents! Is it really time already?! Gosh... I am in my THIRD year already?!
I will be busier than ever... I've got a poster day coming up in March, an interview in May, a journal to finish off and submit somewhere ASAP, another research topic to do and a thesis to write. Huff... What a life?!
I just hope and pray that I can endure and get through this year in sanity! LOL! Because I am really looking forward to finish 'writing' this chapter of life, still a chapter about ME. I want to start the next chapter already, which is about US; about Lan's and my family. We have agreed we want two beautiful juniors to complete our family. And we can't wait... Our parents cannot wait either. Oh... how I wish I can skip this... but, no, I am responsible for what I asked. So, I will finish my race and be victorious!
Here is my life as it is...
Loved by many,
Blessed by The Lord.

I'd change nothing of it.
The ups and the downs.
They are beautiful in their own ways.
They make me, ME.
- by nie.
Monday, 1 February 2010 @16.41.

January was the month that I learnt a lot.
How The Lord taught me the 'fast' way, where He tested my endurance and obedience.
How The Lord showed me the love my husband has for me and that our relationship is deeper than just beneath the skin.
How The Lord keeps teaching and shaping my husband. Oh! I am in joy! The words that come from my husbands' lips are The Lord's wisdom!
How The Lord showed me an eternal mother's love. She knew, without I said a word, there was something wrong with me. The suspense and the stress that I was afraid to let out... she felt it. Thank you, Mam!
2010 is the year I grow to be what The Lord wants. And I say Amen to that!


  1. tenang sher... setiap chapter of life pasti akan dilalui. ada waktu2nya sendiri2.. hehehe.

  2. kedengerannya seperti sedang jatuh cinta lagi, deh...hehehehe

  3. Each chapter has its own meaning & purpose to shape us into a better person; to prepare us to embark the new chapter in life. :-) Enjoy each chapter of your life Sher.

  4. sabar sher, 2 beautiful juniors are on their way.. just finish your thesis first, one at a time :)

  5. by the end of this year, you're going to harvest your hard work Sher. ^^
    ganbatte~ you can do it!

  6. Each chapter has its own beauty, we might feel like hating it when we are in it, but when the time comes where it comes to an end and we take a glimpse back, well, it would be such a memory!!! :-)

    Good Luck anyway... :-)

  7. bisa , bisa tiap chapter lo lalui dgn doa & cinta Dia !

  8. Good luck, good luck, good luck, Sher! :-D

    Semoga lekas selesai, ya!

  9. Duh, aku baca yg thesis jd ikutan stress hahaha

    Good luck ya

  10. ga berasa yah waktu berlalu ? hehehe . met ngerjain tesisnya , smoga semua lancarrrr


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