It's not the same...

Without you next to me... For the first time after we married, I envied couples walking hand-in-hand! It made me cry... I miss you, honey, and it breaks my heart to see you laying on the hospital bed being weak. It hurts to see you are in pain. It kills every time they took blood out of you. My heart screamed when you told me how painful the lumbar puncture is...

Dear, I hope you get well soon. I really pray that you will be back by my side again very soon. Whatever it is that happen to you; may it be brain infection, meningitis, malaria, viral infection, whatever! I know our God is your Healer. He heals you.

Tonight, walking home from hospital, I could not hold my tears any more... I saw more stars in the skies than ever, but it was missing that ONE star; YOU. Be well, honey... I miss you.


  1. lan sakit apa sher?
    moga2 cepet sembuh yaaaa

  2. Get well soon Lan; baru baca statusmu di FB... :( God will heal him, that's for sure.. be strong sist!

  3. Semoga cepet sembuh Lan... dan semoga Sherly selalu diberi ketabahan dan kesabaran dalam memberi semangat dan kekuatan ke suamimu...

  4. Cepet sembuh & kita semua doakan spy kamu ga sedih & Lan cepet sembuh !

  5. walah, Lan lagi sakit toh?? Waduh, cepat sembuh ya!! :)

  6. lan sakit ya sher? duh sampe lumbar puncture segala, gua tau itu sakit, gua sering liat di house m.d., emang serem sih.. semoga lan cepat sembuh ya, kita doain dari sini...


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