Lan's update #2

Today was kind of an up and down day for Lan.
In the morning, he was not allowed to eat, because suddenly they decided to do an Ultra Scan (USG) on him, to check on his liver and stomach.
The GOOD news is that everything in his stomach was fine.
The BAD news is that he was having this bad headache and nausea, due to sitting up on a wheelchair.

The nurse had to give him a shot and some painkillers because he was unable to move, sweating excessively and looking green. The doctor saw him and, after some discussion, she said that it is really the post-lumbar puncture effect. *ARGH!*
Another good news is that the doctor is keeping an eye on him, if by tomorrow the fever does not return, then he might be able to go home.
Yeah! I do prefer that he is resting at home. He told me he could not really have a good sleep, because there is always a machine beeping or a nurse coming in or some other noises. In that case, I told him, I'd rather him be at home and I'd nurse him. That way he will recover better!

At the second visiting hour, he was looking much better. We talked more than these previous days, we joked and he smiled often. That smile that had been missing from his face since Sunday is returning...

The future is looking a tiny bit brighter...


  1. good lah.. jadi sebenernya gak ada kenapa2 ya sher... mungkin kecapean aja kali ya...

    kalo gitu emang mendingan di rumah aja dah biar lebih relax dan lebih bisa istirahat ya...

    moga2 cepet sembuh ya!

  2. yay, ikut seneng dengernya.. semoga Lan cepet pulang yah, di mana2 emang lebih enak recover di rumah sendiri... Btw, jadi kesimpulannya Lan kemaren kenapa Sher?

  3. jadi kalo oke sampe besok udah boleh pulang ya sher, lega sih dengernya, tp terus kenapa ya? blom ketahuan kan?

  4. syukurlah Nie , hubby udah membaik n bs plng ke rumah . semoga cepat pulih yah !

  5. hung.... lan msih blm plg, yah? lu juga jaga kesehatan lho, sher. Gbu, sis!

  6. Baguslah Lan udah lebih baikan ya Sher , moga-moga cepat di bolehin pulang ya biar kamu bisa ngerawat dan bisa lebih banyak istirahat ..

    kamu juga angan lupa banyak istirahat juga ya Sher ! ..


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