On Sunday, we went to a church that I've been wanting to go. It was a colorful journey to start with; Lan & I quarreled, we got lost and was late for one hour! LOL! But, all in all, we like the church. We came just when the sermon was about to start. So that was good. Lan also feels comfy about going to that church. So, we have decided to try going there every Sunday, as for now.

Afterward, we had a very late lunch (3pm!) at a Chinese restaurant, which was a very bad decision! LOL! It was crowded and so busy, the food was not as tasty as the usual day. However, we did meet a friend, Simon, there. We were chatting and I was struck that it's been 3 months since we last met together! Ack! Where did the time go?! Life just went pass by me!
Lan said that our days are so monotone that time is just a blur... I guess that's true. I am feeling so out of place with all of this routine. Yep, I'm not really a routine-girl! I like adventure and exciting things; unpredictable and fun...
Sigh... that's not really PhD, is it? Well, I should just finish up asap then.

I am hating the monotone life!

Ps. I got an iPod touch from Lan as my Valentine's gift!!! Oh, I am super duper happy! :D


  1. he22 akhirnya ga monotone lagi donk stlh dapet iPod touch he22 , kan ada maenan baru !

  2. gereja emang cocok2an ya. kalo udah nemu yang pas, pasti rasanya seneng dan pengen balik ke situ lagi. :)

    dulu pas di jkt juga walaupun di sunter ada banyak gereja, tapi gua sukanya ke theresia. walaupun rada jauh tapi kita selalu kesana kalo misa.

    disini pun gitu. walaupun ada gereja yang lebih deket, tapi kita milih yang di culver city. gak jauh juga sih. kita seneng di gereja ini.

  3. masa dapet ipod monoton sihh ? ;)
    aniwei .. gw add twitter lo nie kemaren , gw lupa bilang ma lo , hahaha

  4. Aku sekarang kok malah menikmati rutinitas dan yg serba monoton ya ? mungkin pengaruh usia kali ya ? ahahaha

  5. gua juga ngerasa hidup gua monoton banget, tiap ari bangun pagi ke kantor trus sampe rumah malem, tapi makin tua emang begitu kali ya hehehe

  6. Lho, telat sejam masih belum mulai misanya?? hehehe :D

    Anyway, memang tuh kadang2 refreshing dibutuhkan bgt. Memang kalo PhD nggak bisa refreshing gitu ya?? Maksudnya misalnya nih jalan2 yang jauh kemana kek gitu, meninggalkan segala rutinitas.... :D

  7. Go travel a new distance, dear.. and do things outside ordinary once in a while - that is spice of life indeed... hugs from West Africa..


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