And So This Is Christmas... *again*

Yup yup! That song again... I heard it today while I was shopping in ASDA for some groceries. It reminded me of last year... around this time, too... I wrote a posting, titled One Day in The Chocolate Shop last year, when I heard this song. It was the time when I craved for ice cream during winter time. It was truly a time to remember.

Today, in the supermarket, everyone was busy with Christmas preparation; buying presents, party food such as roast meat, crisps, desserts and many others. Christmas decorations are everywhere, too. And as usual, year by year, all the students cannot wait for the Christmas break. Some because they miss home badly, some because they are just too exhausted with the work they are doing during the term and some just because they want some present! Haha...

Well... for me, this year, it's a change. Instead of thinking of going home, I am thinking about going to Brighton to see my brother. Don't get me wrong... I still want to go home badly, though! But! Celebrating Christmas with my brother is something that I will surely enjoy, too. I miss him so much!
I am sure I will be having a good time there with him... away from assignments and all the paperworks I have to do. It will be a time to refresh myself.

I think that's all for my Christmas this year! Soon it will be a new year! *again!* Time flies like wind! What about your Christmas, friends?

I've been feeling so much better today. Thanks for those who asked about my sickness. I have recovered slowly from being ill.
I am feeling empty right now, actually... Don't exactly know why. It's an overwhelming feeling that I had the most. Because when I feel empty, other negative feelings come into it... creating a mixed horrible feeling. Ah... anyhow, it will go away soon, hopefully.

So then... have a blessed Sunday! Take care and God bless!


  1. Wah.. iya ya. bener juga. sekarang bulan desember :D berarti bentar lagi natal ya.. huhu.. pasti seneng banget d.. walaupun cuma merayakan berdua.. :) moga2 natalnya menyenangkan ya!!! (harus donk!! )

    bentar lagi tahun baruww~! XD

  2. duh akrab banget nih adik kakak hehehehe...

    merry christmas ..again

    hehehe lagi meracik bomb nih :p

  3. Haiyoooo...cepet bener y da sampe natal ntar agi huehuehue...btw, smog natalny menyenangkan & membuat sherly dkk bahagia ^0^ take care & GBU always Sher ^0^ au revoir!!!

  4. emang deh brother and sister kompak banget...

    btw aku masih ingat loh kejadian makan ice cream pas winter...hihihihi...emang lucu ya buat diinget...

    yeah christmas is coming...i hope this year my family will be here..^^

  5. Gw dah gak sabar nunggu natal..:)
    Ke Belanda deh lo berdua..;) Kita natalan barengan..nyokap gw jago masak looh..;))

    Kalo gw ngerasa kesepian, gw nonton film yang lucu-lucu..jadi cengar cengir sendirian en hepi lagii..;))

  6. kasiaannnnnnn
    natalan ga di bali

    ga pasang pohon natal
    ga makan masakan natal

    yahh critain ae natalan disana
    have a save trip

  7. saya juga punya that kinda feeling *hiks* take care ya sis...alamatku masih sama..kamu?

  8. Enak kali yaa ngemut ice cream di atas salju.. Waaa.. pengen banget..
    Happy Monday, Sher.

  9. hai sher, natal bentar lagi yah.. aku dirumah pengen pasang pohon natal juga ah... salam buat adik kamu yahh

  10. duh serem banget sih tu komennya adjie huuk huuk :P
    asik nataaal..pgn liat salju deh T_T *udik*

  11. Udah rame yah disana ma Christmas ???
    Disini sih blon .... org2 blanda pada ngamuk kalo toko jualan barang2 Christmas seblon Sinterklasan ...... besok baru pada bisa beli pohon natal


  12. omg swt bgt.... ice cream lagi? [-(

  13. cepet ya udah natal lagi .. gak kerasa .. smoga natal kali ini bawa kedamaian buat kita semua yaa ..
    ayooo ... it's shopping time !!!


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