One thing that I am able to do while being alone without Lan here is developing friendship. I get more time to meet people, friends, and spend time with them, get to know them better. With us being a 'student' couple, we rarely have the energy and the time for socialising. Now that I am under suspension, I have more time in my hands that *sometimes* I don't know what to do with it... Mostly, I'd stay at home with Lan or go out with him.

However, while he's not here, I get to see friends. Have lunch with some girlfriends from church during weekday without being worried 'what about Lan?'. I get to talk to them and ask advice, since they are mostly already married and have kids. :)
Another, I got to go on a day out with a colleague, which is nice. We get to talk casually, about a girl that he likes, our families, some jokes. It's very nice of him to offer a day out like that and he drives really nicely!

Well, I may be lonely and missing Lan badly, but I am also thankful for friendships; for people who care for me. It makes these lonely days a bit more bearable! Thank you, Jesus, for friendships.


  1. nah bagus juga tuh sher... biar gak kesepian ya... :)

  2. iya untung ada temen ya. hang out bareng temen kemanapun bisa melipur lara

  3. betul sekali, daripada kesepian mendingan girls day out aja ama temen2 :)

  4. Sesekali, keluar sama mereka lagi, Sher, sekali pun Lan udah pulang. Sekali sebulan, minimal. ;-)

  5. Good to hear that Sher... Girls talk jadi lebih tenang & happy ya =)

  6. wah, lumayan banget tuh untuk avoid rasa kesepian :D Tapi memang sih, jalan2 gitu sama teman memang penting yah, refreshing...


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