I hope it's 2nd time lucky!

After being so relieved getting back my passports, the next time I have to send it back again... *sigh* I am nervous about the same incident happening again, but I just have to have faith that God will take care of it.

I've fixed the serious error. They said my photo is too old, really?! How could you tell? And that was one of the latest passport photos I've done too. It really is expensive to take passport photos here. I had to do it on a photo booth, which is incredibly loud and ripping money out of you literally! It costs me GBP5.00 for 5 passport photos, really? GBP1.00 each photo, really? They probably get about 300% profit out of it! *sigh*
I redid the application form so that the date would be up to date and put them all in the order they asked me to (after they messed it up previously!). And I sent it on the Royal Mail Special Delivery yesterday, which guarantees it arrived today before 1PM. It only costed me GBP5.90! So much better service than the GBP8.00 Express Mail by courier!

Oh well... I just hope this time it goes smoothly and without a hitch. God bless the application.

Well, I hope you all have a great and blessed weekend :) Take care!


  1. Wuih, buset foto gitu ternyata mahal yah! Gatau deh di Belanda berapa, soalnya belum pernah foto gitu, hmmm... .

    Amin, mudah2an kali semua lancaar :)


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