More than I can say

I terribly miss my man. It's barely a week since Lan is gone. I thought I was coping well, but each time we talk on the phone every day, it always ends with some tears on my eyes... I miss him too much to be said.

Home is not the same without him. It feels emptier here, too spacey and too quiet... Home is not the place, it's the people you share it with. For my case, it's you my dear hubbie.

Yesterday and today, I've been having some tummy problem. Diarrhoea and uncomfortable feeling all day round, ugh... Today it's worse and accompanied by some vomiting feeling. I just hope it passed quickly. I just make sure that I drink a lot of water.

I have mostly just been scrapping and playing games all day hehehe... Just to pass the time. Even worse after I found out there is a new version of Angry Birds! Rio version! I love Angry Birds, so worth the price I paid and so fun! :p

Anyway, 29 days 'til you're back, hubbie!


  1. hiks.. berat pastinya ya sher...
    mesti banyak2 nyari kesibukan biar gak berasa kangen... :D

  2. benar tuh, mesti cari kesibukan supaya rasa kangennya agak "terlupakan" :-) Mungkin namatin Angry Birds bisa sebagai salah satu option?? :D

  3. :'( hope you'll get well soon Sher... iya setuju Sher, cari2 kesibukan biar waktu cepat berlalu yah... nonton film yg lucu2 aja hehe

  4. ayo masak atuh Nie , atau nge bakso deh cari ada ga disana ? chinese rseto maybe ?

  5. nanti lama2 juga biasa kok sher hehe.. gua kesannya udah kebiasaan ditinggal aje :P
    kalo david hari minggu ini pulang :)


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