Hey, miracles do happen!!!

I, for one, believe in miracles that God makes every.single.day! So, here is the story about my passports.

I sent it to TLSContact, the agent that deals with French Schengen visa application on 26th April 2011. I heard nothing from them until last Monday, 09th May 2011, telling me there is a serious error on my application and that they are sending my documents back via the courier that they trust.

I waited.waited.waited. They said it's an express mail service, but I got nothing until TODAY! Yesterday, I was losing my mind... it's been a WEEK, express could NOT be longer than a week, right?! So I rang TLSContact, because I can't access my application account over the Internet any more, it's been disabled (hence, I can't look for my tracking number). TLSContact told me to ring DX courier by myself and check it with them. *Grrrr...*
I rang the courier, but could not get to talk an operator, because I need a tracking number to do that :( At the end, I filled in a contact form and wished that they'll contact me ASAP. I was already worried with the possibility that I lost my papers... Well, I got nothing last night, except that I was sickly worried and going mentally crazy.

Today, I woke up 8.30, turned on my laptop, checked my email, still nothing. With my little hope and expectation, I went to check the mail, nothing either. By then, I was losing it... I kept watching for the ONE email that I want to come... 10.57 a.m. it arrived. My heart dropped, fearing for the worst. HOWEVER, God is truly good! My passports are NOT lost. They somehow did NOT deliver them to me last week, but they promise they are delivering it TOMORROW between 9.00 and 17.00. That's a really huge time frame, but I don't care any more. To know that my passports are all safe and sound, that all that matters!!!

So tomorrow, I hope it arrives as they say so that I can fix my mistakes and send another application back to TLSContact (and will be praying HARD that something like this does not happen again!).

Thank you, Jesus, for miracles!


  1. wah ikutan seneng dengernya sher! :)
    moga2 semua urusannya lancar ya...

  2. sukurlah gak hilang ya sher, ternyata disana juga bisa kejadian kaya gini toh.. kalo ilang mah repot ngurusnya lagi ya..

  3. kalo ilang menti ngurus ke London kah?

  4. :D yang penting sudah terlewati.. semoga besok2 ga lage..

  5. wuih, pasti lega bgt ya rasanya. Serem banget memang kalo paspor sampe ilang, hmmm.

    Btw, koq bisa sih sampe mereka lupa ngirim gitu??


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