Wirral Country Park

Yesterday, Michel and I went to Wirral Country Park for a long walk. When I said a long walk, it was really a long walk... we walked at least 6km yesterday for more than 1 hour or so. The view was overlooking Wales on the other side of the water, it was beautiful. However, it was challenging for me! We had to do some rock climbing and walking on a piece of wood to avoid the mud. For him it was such an easy task, for me?! Gosh, did I not have a hard time!
And about half way, (the time we were walking on the direction to go back to the car park) I had the urge for toilet. Oh dear... and there was no public toilet for the next 3 km! Michel did tempted me to just pee on the bush, ha! No way! If it was Lan, I might've said yes, but no, it wasn't Lan hahaha...

So, we walked, FAST! That was almost an hour wait, only to find out that the visitor centre is CLOSED (as well as the toilet)!! Crap! Luckily, Michel has and drives a car. He took me to ASDA (a big supermarket), which was 5km away from the park we were... That was one of the LONGEST one-and-a-half-hour of my life!

Then, we headed back to Liverpool and picked up another friend, Daniel, and went to Michel's place to cook some Polish food for dinner together. It was a fried Polish pasta, which tastes like Chinese dumplings, and a dish of bacon, red onions, sauerkratt and mushroom! Very delicious!
We had a great time together, talking and joking around. It was lovely. Then, Michel drove us home. Thanks, Michel :)

And here I am, Sunday noon, at home. Too tired and decided not to go to church. Even grocery shopping is going to wait for tomorrow!


  1. wuih, koq bisa ada rock climbing-nya segala?? Keren juga yah!! :D

    Haha, memang nyebelin tuh kalo kebelet dan mesti nahan gitu, hahaha, tp begitu beres ke toilet, rasanya legaaaa bgt pasti, hihi

  2. wah lumayan banget tuh jalan kaki 6 km! :D


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