It'll Never Be The Same.

And... 24 days to go.
You know when Lan left, I thought it'll be just the same like the time when I used to be alone, before we got married. Now after almost 2 weeks, I find that it's not the same and will never be the same. Going out with the single friends from church, I felt old. Out of place. It's just different. I can't really say what, but I was feeling misplaced most of the time. I still go, anyway, just to kill time, just so that I won't be at home alone feeling mellow...

I am determined to fill these lonely times by developing new friendships with a few people from church. It's just nice to speak with a few ladies, who are married and can be like a big sister or, even, a mother to me... It's nice, especially when most of the time I used to be working surrounded by guys in the University. :)

Overall, I am OK. Well, in a way. Lately I feel more tired than usual and don't have any appetite, kind of sick of food smell really. Should I go to a doctor? Maybe. I am just too lazy hehe... If it gets really bad, I might just drop by in the campus clinic. :)

I am glad that, at least, each day we talked on the phone with each other. If not, I'd go mentally ill. Even with phone call everyday, I still cry sometimes when we have to say 'good bye' to each other. Ugh... I miss him lots.


  1. skype aja sher, gua di rumah skype terus, kan lumayan bisa liat2an sepanjang hari :)

  2. iya.. pasti tough ya sher...

    iya setuju ama viol, skype aja sher....

  3. kangen oi :)
    *hang on yaaa*

    sapa tau abis ini aku dpt hadiah ponakan :p

  4. sabaaaar :) Menghitung hari ... :D

    Btw, bener tuh, kenapa nggak coba Skype aja? :D

  5. hehehehe... sabar yak.. :) bentar lage pulang... jangaan diitung berapa lama lage :)

  6. I know that feeling! Benar-benar susah saat suami nggak ada di sisi. Dunia jadi aneh. Tidur susah. Bangun enggan. Masak apalagi.
    Yang tabah ya, Sher. Kalau aja dekat, bisa nginap di aku. :-(

    BTW, buruan cek ke dokter. Gejala-gejala itu harus diperhatikan. Mungkin masih berhubungan sama depresi. Tapi mungkin juga kamu "isi"?


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