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It's 10.23 PM here and I am so tired physically and mentally. I can't wait for the month of May to be over already... I don't know... It's just been such an awfully long month with all the things that could go wrong went wrong as well as being without Lan here. I am exhausted and who knows how long exactly I can handle all these any more. I feel like I'm pushing myself out of my limit already... Let's hope things are better next month.

I talked to Lan today... His visa is still not out yet. A few more days to his planned return and I am SUPPOSED to be happy and excited! Yet, right now, it's just worry that I am trying to cover up. I am putting on a strong and brave act, telling Lan that it will all be OK, that his visa WILL be out on Monday. I am putting my belief in the faith that 'in the most dire time, God is the closest to us', that 'when we both are completely giving up and have no more options to do anything, He acts and shows His grace and that this is not an empty and foolish faith.' And I admit, IT'S HARD! Looking at the impossible situation and still push through with such belief, it kills and exhausts me!
But, all in all, it will be less of me and more of HIM, right? I'll say 'Amen' to that.
God can make something out of nothing.
So be nobody, so God can make you somebody.
- by unknown.

Well, after the talk, Michel and I started our weekend adventure for the third time, this month. We went to Darwen in Lancashire to experience Darwen Tower Walks. He did say it would be shorter than last week's 6km, however, it was such a steep walk all the way to the tower and back. My legs and feet were suffering, and the wind... Oh, there were some crazy wind up there! As Michel said, 'we were harassed by the wind'! Indeed. The view was stunning though from above the hills. Beautiful and breathtaking! It'd be better if it was not so cloudy, windy and grey. Even better if the sun was shining, but, it was still beautiful!
On the way down, we were barked at by 2 guard dogs, I basically just took cover right behind Michel, in case they do bite. I bet Michel thought I'm just a scaredy cat :p

One thing that I learnt from this kind of walks is that 'I am NOT that fit!' Hahaha... Michel made these walks look so easy, but I was trying to catch my breaths all the time and making sure I don't trip or fall or accidentally twist my feet. Overall, it was fun. I had a great time with him.

Ps. Thanks Michel for driving around with me and for all the adventures. Thanks for telling me to forget about my worry for awhile. It was nice to just breathe through the moment. Thanks for the friendship! :)


  1. Pasti visanya dapet at the right time Sher, as our timing is NOT His timing, but His timing will always be perfect for us.

    Aku jg pernah dulu mo brkt ke aussie, visaku ga dapet2. Dan aku akhirnya dapet pagi pas aku malemnya berangkat ke Oz. Sempet deg2an, tapi ternyata Tuhan kasih yg terbaik pada waktu yang terbaik =)

  2. mudah2an semuanya baik2 saja dan tiba tepat pada waktunya!! :-)


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