Losing my mind.

I walked around town like an unconscious living zombie today, after church, with Michel. I cried myself to sleep last night around 2AM. I am trying, really trying to hold it together, but I think things will soon just go down the hill. I came to a realisation that tomorrow aka Monday is a bank holiday! That means that the embassy is NOT going to be open, hence, there won't be any update on Lan's visa on Monday! ACK!

I am losing it. My mind. My sanity. My brain altogether.
I am aching all over. My heart. My body. My bones.

Whatever. I might just go on a roller-coaster ride and scream on the top of my lung or something. Ugh, I'm just jabbering, aren't I? No matter what, Sherly, remember this:
Keep calm and cling to God.
If you cannot.
Be crazy and, still, cling to God.

- nie, 29th May 2011 @ 11.52PM


  1. hope everything's gonna be okay...

  2. sabar22 ... jgn nangis yah Hugs !

  3. semangat!! All is well!! :-)


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