And June greets me with...

A BROKEN LAPTOP!!!! *sigh*
Oh my dear laptop, why oh why? Last night it threw a fit on me!
I think the graphic card is physically broken :( The resolution goes to the lowest and everything on display is wonky and out of place and colors...

I tried fixing it using the settings, etc. It's not fixing it. It seems to not recognised the NVidia graphic card installed :(

Is all that I am going through right now not enough?!

Lan's still not back and I don't know when he's coming back now... On top of that he's sick.

Oh, Jesus... I surrender all.


  1. sher, coba install aja lagi nvidia drivernya, jangan stres ya..

  2. ya ampun.. ada2 aja ya sher... moga2 semuanya segera beres ya...

  3. You can try to reinstall you Operating System, it is possible to resolve your problem. If you had a hardware problem on your video card, your laptop couldn`t start.

  4. wah, masalah koq muncul bersama2 gitu, kaya janjian aja... . Mudah2an segera beres!

  5. Did you repair your laptop? Which part of it had the problem?


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