By now you should be here.
This home should not be so empty any more.
Our bed should not be half empty, without you, any more.

You're supposed to be back here by my side by now.

But I woke up to an empty dream.
That I am still alone and I did not go to the airport to pick you up like I planned it to be.

I am fine *not really* and accepting, but reality can be so cold sometime.
It's a nice sunny *perfect* day, too, but it's not so perfect any more. Without you.


  1. waaa lan belum bisa balik karena masalah visa ya?
    moga2 bisa segera balik ya sher...

  2. sabar ya sher, it's only a matter of time, nanti juga ketemu :)

  3. visanya masih belum beres kah? Waah... . Benar tuh, sabaaar, nanti juga pasti ketemu kan :)


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