ONE month left!

I can't believe we only have ONE month left before we leave UK for good... I have mixed feelings about this; excited, scared, happy, and sad. It feels like Lan and I are closing this chapter of life and are opening a new and unknown chapter of the future!

There are still a LOT of things to be taken care of. Packing and sending stuffs, sorting unnecessary things to be donated, Lan's graduation on the 18th July, our trip to Paris on the 20th and my PhD withdrawal. The last one is the toughest one for me. I am having a hard time to finally make the decision. I mean... I've made it and I am ready to withdraw, but to finally fill the withdrawal form and to be obliged to write a detailed reason, it's difficult to do, especially when I feel guilty for 'suspecting' that I will disappoint my supervisors. Even knowing that this decision is RIGHT for me, does not make it any easier.

I guess, I have to do what I have to do, right?

July is going to be a crazy busy month for both Lan and I, but I am looking forward to it! Graduation, Paris, a month trip to HOME! I am pretty sure a LOT of fun are waiting for us... though, I am pretty sure I'll be sad leaving UK on the 29th July. I've been in Liverpool for since September 2002, that's 9 YEARS! I've met people (including my husband!), in and out, happy and sad... I feel I grew up here and know my way around here comfortably, and now it's time to move on.

Ah... time does fly so quickly.


  1. Wah dah mau ninggalin UK ya...Abis sebulan di Indo, mau kemana Sher?

  2. pindahan for good gitu memang emosional yah! Jadi teringat waktu tahun lalu aku meninggalkan Bandung for good, hehehe :D

  3. wah sher.. puas2in dulu jalan2 di sana, emang berat ya ninggalin tempat tinggal kita, psti agak nerves rasanya, tapi kan berdua lan, itu yang penting! :D

  4. bring all the memories with you dear,..
    wish you all the best....

  5. Ga kerasa ya Sher, udah mo ninggalin UK. Asyiknya jalan2 ke Paris, puas2in yah =) Can't wait to see all the pics.


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