Llangollen - 11 June 2011

As Lan was not back yet last week, my adventure on the Saturday with Michel begun again. This time, we went to Llangollen, which nestles within the beautiful Dee Valley in the North East of Wales. It took less time to drive there than Llandudno (the place we went the week before). As before, we went to ASDA first to buy some lunch to be eaten when we get to Llangollen.
To me, Llangollen is a cute little town. It has little shops, varying from craft shops, bakery, pastry shop, ice cream parlor, butchers and traditional English tea rooms that look intriguing! It gave the same feeling as when Lan and I went to York last year, which I never got around to write on the blog. :( It's the feeling of what British towns should be.
So, we, firstly, explored the town, which is not very big, and paid a visit to the tourist information there to grab some leaflets of the local attractions. It rained hard for awhile, but, praise The Lord, it stopped and from then on, the weather improved and the sun begun to shine. We, then, walked to Llangollen Wharf, where we got to see a canal boat being drawn by a horse. We were going to have our lunch on the side bench there, but, at the end, we moved away because there were ducks approaching us. I think they were trying to get some food from us!
During lunch, we were trying to decide what to do next. In the end, we agreed on going 'up' to Dinas Bran Castle. The journey took around an hour through a steep zig zag route. I was definitely having a hard time hiking up there! I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. While the view was definitely breathtaking, it sure took a LOT of breaths to get up there! Unfortunately, Dinas Bran Castle only managed to stand tall for 20 years because it was burnt and got ruined by the weather; strong winds, etc. Still, it was worth going up and sitting somewhere (where there were no sheep poo!) and just enjoying the scenery around it.
One thing that I forgot to say is that there were sheeps everywhere (and their poo too, obviously!)

After awhile, we went back down to the town, where I bought a very tasty rum & raising homemade ice cream *YUM* and Michel bought a bar of chocolate.
Our next destination was Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, which was around 5-10 minutes by car from Llangollen. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is a 38m high and 307m long canal bridge and pedestrian path with River Dee underneath. We crossed the Aqueduct and back nervously! It was very high and I made sure I held on the railing bar tightly on one hand and held on Michel's jacket on the other, just in case hehe... Despite the nerve, it was such an amazing experience! I can never imagine how they built such an amazing architecture!
From there, we headed back by, first passing the famous Horseshoe Pass, which is claimed to be the most spectacular views in Wales as it climbs from Llangollen around a wide valley to form the shape of its name. It's like driving in the middle of nowhere; every corner I looked it was green and fresh, the sheeps were, as if, they own the place, they were everywhere! What an awesome experience!

Ps #1. Thanks Michel for finding this place and for all the pictures. I had a great time :)
Ps #2. Click pictures for larger version.


  1. duh disana banyak tempat bagus2 ya sher...
    seger2 ngeliatnya.... :)

  2. I love the feeling of old brits town!!!!

  3. waw bagus banget.. tapi namanya lucu ya.. llangollen..

  4. I like Llangollen very much, in my opinion it is a great small town, i just love the view from there. Can`t wait to visit it again.

  5. buset, Inggris ternyata keren2 yah tempatnya *langsung bikin rencana pergi ke kedutaan Inggris buat bikin visa, mwahahaha...* Kotanya CUTE banget, hahaha :P

    Btw, itu kenapa dombanya ada merah2nya?? :)

  6. Zilko: merah2 di domba itu tanda si domba milik sapa. Soalnya banyak banget domba2 berkeliaran, tanda/warna tintanya beda2 supaya tau pemiliknya ;)


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