Is this the sign?

The sign that it's a turning point now? Or the sign that things are looking up from now on? I'd love to say I hope so, but we never know, right?

I got a text message from TLScontact on Tuesday, in the middle of my counselling session, that they got my passports back from the French consulate and they were sending it back that day and I'm supposed to expect the parcel to come on Wednesday (yesterday). I stayed the whole day, knowing that the courier will come between 9am - 5pm. I was kind of worried the thing that happened a few weeks ago would repeat. It was 5pm and, YEP, they did NOT come! I was furious.
I sent them a complaint e-mail, saying that they are totally unreliable and unprofessional! Seriously... I feel like I never had a good experience using this courier, but I have no choice, because this is the chosen courier used by the French consulate. I got no reply, I tried ringing them, but it was just a waste of time and money since I was kept on the 'queue' while trying to talk to a person! I sent another e-mail, to the customer service this time. No reply. Nice.

But, hey, miracle does happen :) Around 3.10pm, I got a call, the courier is outside waiting for me. GOOD! So, I got my passports back safely plus my French visa for our Paris trip in July! Hallelujah!
That's one thing off my list of prayers. Now, if only Lan's visa would come out TOMORROW, that will be great! :)

Thank you, my dear sweet Jesus!


  1. yay... ikutan happy!
    moga2 visa nya lan cepet keluar ya...

  2. great news!! :)

    Mudah2an visanya Lan cepet beres juga! :)


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