The Nightmare begins...

Hiks... Monday is approaching again... I will be busy again. Two days for the weekend is definitely not enough for me. These two days my mind was so blank, that I did not know how to spend it.

Well... another disaster... I cut my left hand again, this time on the palm of my hand. Quite big cut and it stings. Anyway, I better sleep.
Take care and have a good week ahead.

This is me...
torn and shattered.
Forgive me.


  1. What...?????? Weleh-weleh kok apes banget tooo non??...Atie-atie yee kalo mo potong-potongan. Kali aje itu pisau minta di gantii, ketajeman mungkin. Yawda...istirahat ajah nyang banyak, en moga lekas sembuh yaa...

  2. waddouuh sher.. kok apess benner nasibmu nak.. ati2 donk ah.. apa kecapean kali yah.. hehehe.. i hate monday banged deh postingannya..

  3. Ini anak..*geleng2x kepala*..napa lo Sher?? Ati2x atuh nooonnn..tangan ituw sangat di butuhkan loh..buat nyebok..wuakakakakkk..*lari lagi tunggang langgang abis dr Nina mampir sini*

  4. walah kamu tuh mbok ya hati2 nduk...take care ya...happy valentine's day *hugs*

  5. aku dah bilang; take care...take care...
    met valentine juga met ronda buat yg lagi sibuk.


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